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0004566Spring engineGfx driver issuespublic2016-02-02 18:36
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version97.0.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version100.0+git 
Summary0004566: Engine trees are black/darker when falling over
DescriptionEngine trees are black when falling over (LOS mode with radar) or dark green (LOS mode without radar/airlos). When disabling advmap/unitshaders, they are normal, as they also are in spring 96.0 with adv. map/unitshaders.

Trees are normal when standing, it is only the falling animation that is black/darker.
Steps To ReproduceUse advanced map/unit shaders, map with engine trees is for instance small divide remake v04
Additional InformationSee screenshots:
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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  • png file icon screen00393.png (2,969,203 bytes) 2014-09-30 00:33
  • png file icon screen00392.png (3,132,060 bytes) 2014-09-30 00:34
  • png file icon screen00391.png (2,891,789 bytes) 2014-09-30 00:35
  • txt file icon infolog.txt (22,341 bytes) 2014-09-30 00:36 -
    [ParseCmdLine] command-line args: "C:\Spring\spring.exe"
    Using configuration source: "U:\bin\Spring\Data\springsettings.cfg"
    Using additional configuration source: "C:\Spring\springsettings.cfg"
    Available log sections: KeyBindings, AutohostInterface, Net, CSMFGroundTextures, RoamMeshDrawer, BumpWater, DynWater, SkyBox, DecalsDrawerGL4, FarTextureHandler, Model, Piece, ModelDrawer, OBJParser, WorldObjectModelRenderer, Shader, Texture, Font, GroundMoveType, Path, UnitScript, CregSerializer, ArchiveScanner, VFS, Sound, LuaSocket
    Enabled log sections: Sound(LOG_LEVEL_INFO)
    Enable or disable log sections using the LogSections configuration key
      or the SPRING_LOG_SECTIONS environment variable (both comma separated).
      Use "none" to disable the default log sections.
    LogOutput initialized.
    Spring 96.0
    Build date/time: Jan  3 2014 14:01:37
    Build environment: boost-105300, GNU libstdc++ version 20130531
    Compiler: gcc-4.8.1
    OS: Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, 64-bit Service Pack 1 (build 7601)
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6600  @ 2.40GHz; 4095MB RAM, 9213MB pagefile
    OS: emulated 32bit mode
    [CMyMath::Init] CPU SSE mask: 124, flags:
    	SSE 1.0:  1,  SSE 2.0:  1
    	SSE 3.0:  1, SSSE 3.0:  1
    	SSE 4.1:  0,  SSE 4.2:  0
    	SSE 4.0A: 0,  SSE 5.0A: 0
    	using streflop SSE FP-math mode, CPU supports SSE instructions
    Supported Video modes: 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1280x800, 1280x768, 1280x720, 1152x864, 1024x768, 800x600, 720x576, 720x480, 640x480
    [SetSDLVideoMode] video mode set to 1280x1024/32bit
    [WatchDogInstall] Installed (HangTimeout: 10sec)
    [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][1] #wanted=2 #current=1
    [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][2] #threads=1
    [DataDirs] Portable Mode!
    Using read-write data directory: U:\bin\Spring\Data\
    Using read-only data directory: C:\Spring\
    Using read-only data directory: U:\bin\Spring\Data\weblobby\
    Using read-only data directory: U:\bin\github\Ecostats\
    Scanning: U:\bin\Spring\Data\weblobby\maps
    Scanning: C:\Spring\base
    Scanning: U:\bin\Spring\Data\maps
    Scanning: U:\bin\Spring\Data\games
    Scanning: U:\bin\Spring\Data\packages
    [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][1] #wanted=1 #current=2
    [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][2] #threads=0
    [Threading] Main thread CPU affinity mask set: 3
    [f=0000000] SDL version:  1.2.10
    [f=0000000] GL version:   4.4.0
    [f=0000000] GL vendor:    NVIDIA Corporation
    [f=0000000] GL renderer:  GeForce GTX 460/PCIe/SSE2
    [f=0000000] GLSL version: 4.40 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    [f=0000000] GLEW version: 1.5.8
    [f=0000000] Video RAM:    total 1024MB, available 689MB
    [f=0000000] FBO::maxSamples: 32
    [f=0000000] GL info:
    	haveARB: 1, haveGLSL: 1, ATI hacks: 0
    	FBO support: 1, NPOT-texture support: 1, 24bit Z-buffer support: 1
    	maximum texture size: 16384, compress MIP-map textures: 0
    	maximum SmoothPointSize: 190, maximum vec4 varying/attributes: 31/16
    	maximum drawbuffers: 8, maximum recommended indices/vertices: 1048576/1048576
    	number of UniformBufferBindings: 84 (64kB)
    [f=0000000] Using VSync
    [f=0000000] Joysticks found: 0
    [f=0000000] Warning: Joystick 0 not found
    [f=0000000] [Initialize] CPU Clock: win32::TimeGetTime
    [f=0000000] [Initialize] CPU Cores: 2
    [f=0000000] [Sound] OpenAL info:
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Available Devices:
    [f=0000000] [Sound]               DirectSound Software
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Device:     DirectSound Software
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Vendor:         OpenAL Community
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Version:        1.1 ALSOFT 1.11.753
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Renderer:       OpenAL Soft
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   AL Extensions:  AL_EXTX_buffer_sub_data AL_EXT_EXPONENT_DISTANCE AL_EXT_FLOAT32 AL_EXT_IMA4 AL_EXT_LINEAR_DISTANCE AL_EXT_MCFORMATS AL_EXT_OFFSET AL_EXTX_sample_buffer_object AL_EXT_source_distance_model AL_LOKI_quadriphonic
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   ALC Extensions: ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT ALC_EXT_CAPTURE ALC_EXT_disconnect ALC_EXT_EFX ALC_EXTX_thread_local_context
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   EFX Enabled: yes
    [f=0000000] [Sound]   Max Sounds: 128
    [f=0000000] Connecting to local server
    [f=0000000] PreGame::StartServer: 31 ms
    [f=0000000] Using map: Small_Divide-Remake-v04
    [f=0000000] Using game: XTA $VERSION
    [f=0000000] Using game archive: xta-svn.sdz
    [f=0000000] recording demo: demos/20140930_013755_Small_Divide-Remake-v04_96.sdf
    [f=0000000] PreGame::GameDataReceived: 125 ms
    [f=0000000] [PreGame::UpdateClientNet] user number 0 (team 0, allyteam 0)
    [f=0000000] Error: missing return table from LuaAI.lua
    [f=0000000] Warning: Experimental luaThreadingModel 4 selected! This is currently unmaintained and may be deprecated and/or removed in the future!
    [f=0000000] Warning: Automaticly disabled to prevent desyncs / crashes / hangs / graphical errors!
    [f=0000000] Warning: MapInfo.lua: Incorrect value "groundShadowDensity=1.950000"! Clamping to 0..1 range!!
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Searching for new Widgets
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/addons/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/Widgets/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/systemaddons/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/systemWidgets/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Scanning: LuaIntro/chili/
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "SpringLogo"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "LoadTexture"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "LoadProgress"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "Main"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Found new widget "Music"
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widgets   <>=vfs  **=raw  ()=unknown
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      LoadProgress           <loadprogress.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      Main                   <main.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      Music                  <music.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] Loading widget:      LoadTexture            <bg_texture.lua>
    [f=0000000] [LuaIntro] LuaIntro v1.0 (Lua 5.1)
    [f=0000000] Parsing Map Information
    [f=0000000] Loading SMF
    [f=0000000] Loading Map (25 MB)
    [f=0000000] Loading Radar Icons
    [f=0000000] Loading GameData Definitions
    [f=0000000] Weapons_post: Local sound option detected, moving sounds to customparams
    [f=0000000] No customparams:, earthquake
    [f=0000000] Loading all definitions:  0.527000
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadDefs (GameData): 579 ms
    [f=0000000] Loading Sound Definitions
    [f=0000000] [Sound]  parsed 404 sounds from gamedata/sounds.lua
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadDefs (Sound): 31 ms
    [f=0000000] Creating Smooth Height Mesh
    [f=0000000] SmoothHeightMesh::MakeSmoothMesh: 39 ms
    [f=0000000] Creating QuadField & CEGs
    [f=0000000] [CDamageArrayHandler] number of ArmorDefs: 19
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CDamageArrayHandler] UnitDef "armcom" in ArmorDef "armcom" already belongs to ArmorDef category 1!
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CDamageArrayHandler] UnitDef "corcom" in ArmorDef "corcom" already belongs to ArmorDef category 2!
    [f=0000000] [RegisterAssimpModelFormats] supported Assimp model formats: *.3ds;*.blend;*.dae;*.lwo;
    [f=0000000] Creating Unit Textures
    [f=0000000] Creating Sky
    [f=0000000] Loading Weapon Definitions
    [f=0000000] Warning: WeaponDef (armpossum_weapon) color1 & color2 (= hue & sat) are removed. Use rgbColor instead!
    [f=0000000] Loading Unit Definitions
    [f=0000000] Loading Feature Definitions
    [f=0000000] Reading Estimate PathCosts [8]
    [f=0000000] Reading Estimate PathCosts [32]
    [f=0000000] [CPathManager] pathing data checksum: bb398ff0
    [f=0000000] [IPathManager::GetInstance] using DEFAULT path-manager
    [f=0000000] Initializing Map Features
    [f=0000000] Creating ShadowHandler & DecalHandler
    [f=0000000] Creating GroundDrawer
    [f=0000000] Loading Map Tiles
    [f=0000000] Loading Square Textures
    [f=0000000] CSMFGroundTextures::ConvolveHeightMap: 2 ms
    [f=0000000] Switching to ROAM Mesh Rendering
    [f=0000000] Creating TreeDrawer
    [f=0000000] Creating ProjectileDrawer & UnitDrawer
    [f=0000000] Creating Projectile Textures
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] EMGFLASH: Unknown tag smoke::sizegrowth
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] DGUNTRACE: Unknown tag dirt::lifetime
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] ZIPPERDICKER_EFFECT: Unknown tag heatcloud::color
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] LIGHTNING_NEW: Unknown tag heatcloud::color
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] LIGHTNING_NEW: Unknown tag smoke::sizegrowth
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] PURPLELASER: Unknown tag smoke::sizegrowth
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] DCAPtrace: Unknown tag dirt::lifetime
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] FLAMETHROWER: Unknown tag smoke::sizegrowth
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag dirt::lifetime
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag heatcloud::colormap
    [f=0000000] Warning: [CCEG::Load] BERTHABLAST: Unknown tag smoke::sizegrowth
    [f=0000000] Creating Water
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadInterface (Camera&Mouse): 168 ms
    [f=0000000] Game::LoadInterface (Console): 2 ms
    [f=0000000] Loading LuaRules
    [f=0000000] gaia_critters.lua: gadget:Initialize() Game.mapName=Small_Divide-Remake-v04
    [f=0000000] no critter config for this map
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  gaia critter units  <gaia_critters.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  game_stats          <gui_endstats.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  CobButton           <unit_cobbutton.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Team-comends        <game_teamcomends.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua  <gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Abandoned reveal    <unit_abandoned_reveal.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  AirPlantParents     <unit_air_plants.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Announce kills      <ui_announce_kills.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Cloak lose target   <game_cloak_lose_target.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Cobcallins          <cobcallins.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Crush ceg           <gfx_crushceg.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Customunits         <customunits.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  DGun CmdType Fix    <unit_dgun_cmdtype_fix.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Disable Buildoptions  <unit_disable_buildoptions.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Dynamic collision volume & Hitsphere Scaledown  <unit_dynamic_collision_volume.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Energy Conversion   <game_energy_conversion.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Factory Anti-Stuck  <factory_anti_stuck.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Fire Rate           <unit_fire_rate.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Health Upgrade      <unit_health_upgrade.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  I Hate CMD.SET_WANTED_MAX_SPEED  <i_hate_cmd_set_wanted_max_speed.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Initial Spawn       <game_initial_spawn.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Jumpjets            <unit_jumpjets.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Local sounds        <snd_local.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Lua unit script framework  <unit_script.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Minelayer Limit     <unit_minelayer_limit.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Mission Script Engine  <game_mission_script.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  No Land Damage      <unit_no_land_damage.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  No Self Pwn         <unit_noselfpwn.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  NoAirNuke           <exp_no_air_nuke.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Production Rate     <unit_buildspeed.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Reclaim flash       <gfx_reclaim_flash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Repair Pad          <unit_refuel.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Spawn               <commoption.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  State Broadcast     <game_statebroadcast.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Stockpile limit     <unit_stockpile_limit.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Transporter wrecks  <game_transporterwrecks.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Unfinished unit orders  <unit_unfinishedorders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  UnitEStallDisable   <unit_estall_disable.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  UnitMorph           <unit_morph.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  UnitStealth         <unit_stealth.lua>
    [f=0000000] fx_watersplash: lava detected:, false
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Watereffects        <fx_watersplash.lua>
    [f=0000000] dbg_cheats.lua: loaded for XTA version $VERSION
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  enablecheats        <dbg_cheats.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  game_zombiemode     <game_zombiemode.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  gui_endstats        <dbg_testceg.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  gui_minimapX        <gui_minimapx.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  lups_wrapper.lua    <lups_wrapper.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  unit_commander_sounds.lua  <unit_commander_sounds.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  unit_crashing_aircraft  <unit_crashing_aircraft.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Area Attack         <areaattack.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Cursor handling     <gui_cursorhandling.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Playerinfo          <dbg_playerinfo.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Remove commands     <unit_removecommands.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Sneer after comnap  <ui_comnapsneer.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Take Manager        <cmd_idle_players.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Add commands        <game_addcommand.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Airstrikes          <gui_airstrike.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Gameover procedure  <game_gameover.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Kamikaze            <unit_kamikaze.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  WatchBuilders       <unit_watchbuilders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  TeamDiedMessages    <gui_teamdiedmessages.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Game End            <game_end.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  LupsSyncedManager   <lups_manager.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Mex Upgrader Gadget  <unit_mex_upgrader.lua>
    [f=0000000] start profiling
    [f=0000000] hooked all callins: OK
    [f=0000000] hooked UpdateCallin: OK
    [f=0000000] Loaded SYNCED gadget:  Profiler            <dbg_profiler.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  game_stats          <gui_endstats.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Abandoned reveal    <unit_abandoned_reveal.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  AirPlantParents     <unit_air_plants.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Announce kills      <ui_announce_kills.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Cloak lose target   <game_cloak_lose_target.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Crush ceg           <gfx_crushceg.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Customunits         <customunits.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Dynamic collision volume & Hitsphere Scaledown  <unit_dynamic_collision_volume.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Factory Anti-Stuck  <factory_anti_stuck.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  I Hate CMD.SET_WANTED_MAX_SPEED  <i_hate_cmd_set_wanted_max_speed.lua>
    [f=0000000] Local sounds: local mode
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Local sounds        <snd_local.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Minelayer Limit     <unit_minelayer_limit.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Mission Script Engine  <game_mission_script.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Reclaim flash       <gfx_reclaim_flash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  State Broadcast     <game_statebroadcast.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Stockpile limit     <unit_stockpile_limit.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Transporter wrecks  <game_transporterwrecks.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Unfinished unit orders  <unit_unfinishedorders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  UnitEStallDisable   <unit_estall_disable.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  UnitMorph           <unit_morph.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  UnitStealth         <unit_stealth.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Watereffects        <fx_watersplash.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  enablecheats        <dbg_cheats.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua  <gfx_dynamic_lighting.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  gui_endstats        <dbg_testceg.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  gui_minimapX        <gui_minimapx.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  mo_nowrecks         <mo_nowrecks.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  unit_commander_sounds.lua  <unit_commander_sounds.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  unit_crashing_aircraft.lua  <unit_crashing_aircraft.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Area Attack         <areaattack.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Cursor handling     <gui_cursorhandling.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Remove commands     <unit_removecommands.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Sneer after comnap  <ui_comnapsneer.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Take Manager        <cmd_idle_players.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Add commands        <game_addcommand.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Airstrikes          <gui_airstrike.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Gameover procedure  <game_gameover.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Kamikaze            <unit_kamikaze.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  WatchBuilders       <unit_watchbuilders.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  TeamDiedMessages    <gui_teamdiedmessages.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Game End            <game_end.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  LupsSyncedManager   <lups_manager.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Mex Upgrader Gadget  <unit_mex_upgrader.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Lups                <lups_wrapper.lua>
    [f=0000000] start profiling
    [f=0000000] hooked all callins: OK
    [f=0000000] hooked UpdateCallin: OK
    [f=0000000] Loaded UNSYNCED gadget:  Profiler            <dbg_profiler.lua>
    [f=0000000] Loading LuaGaia
    [f=0000000] Loading LuaUI
    [f=0000000] LuaSocketEnabled: yes
    [f=0000000] Using LUAUI_DIRNAME = LuaUI/
    [f=0000000] Reloaded ctrlpanel from file: LuaUI/ctrlpanel.txt
    [f=0000000] LuaUI: bound F11 to the widget selector
    [f=0000000] LuaUI: bound CTRL+F11 to tweak mode
    [f=0000000] Switching to Overhead (TA) style camera
    [f=0000000] [widgets.lua] Error: Failed to load: gui_energy_overview.lua  (duplicate name)
    [f=0000000] Reloaded ctrlpanel from file: ctrlpanelImp.txt
    [f=0000000] RelativeMinimap: found ctrlpanelImp.txt and using its config
    [f=0000000] Unit sounds (XTA) loaded. Volumes (battle,ui,[0,200]):, 68, 100
    [f=0000000] LuaUI v0.3
    [f=0000000] Initializing PathCache
    [f=0000000] Finalizing
    [f=0000000] Loaded DecalsDrawer: Legacy
    [f=0000000] Connection attempt from Jools
    [f=0000000]  -> Version: 96.0
    [f=0000000]  -> Connection established (given id 0)
    [f=0000000] Cheating is enabled!
    [f=0000000] Player Jools finished loading and is now ingame
    [f=0000000] GameID: 52df29547e3528f90f457ff297174d8b
    [f=0000001] Skirmish AI "Enemy" (ID:0, Short-Name:"NullAI", Version:"0.1") took over control of team 1
    [f=0000220] Set "shadows" config-parameter to 1
    [f=0000614] User exited
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][1]
    [f=0000615] [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][1] #wanted=0 #current=1
    [f=0000615] [ThreadPool::SetThreadCount][2] #threads=0
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][2]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][1]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][2]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][3]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][4]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][5]
    [f=0000615] Ecostats: widget now in spectator mode.
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][6]
    [f=0000615] Red_UI_Framework>> last processed widget was "Red Tooltip"
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][7]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][8]
    [f=0000615] [CCollisionHandler] dis-/continuous tests: 0/144207
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][9]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][10]
    [f=0000615] [~CPathCache(16x16)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=0
    [f=0000615] [~CPathCache(16x16)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=0
    [f=0000615] [~CPathCache(64x64)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=0
    [f=0000615] [~CPathCache(64x64)] cacheHits=0 hitPercentage=0% numHashColls=0 maxCacheSize=4
    [f=0000615] Statistics for RectangleOptimizer: 0%
    [f=0000615] Statistics for RectangleOptimizer: 0%
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][11]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][12]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][13]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][14]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][15]
    [f=0000615] [~CGameServer][1]
    [f=0000615] [~CGameServer][2]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][16]
    [f=0000615] [Sound] [~CSound][1] soundThread=03268730
    [f=0000615] [Sound] [~CSound][2]
    [f=0000615] [Sound] [~CSound][3]
    [f=0000615] [~CGame][17]
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][3]
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][4]
    [f=0000615] Statistics for local connection:
    Received: 1828 bytes
    Sent: 6843 bytes
    [f=0000615] Writing demo: demos/20140930_013755_Small_Divide-Remake-v04_96.sdf
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][5]
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][6]
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][7]
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][8]
    [f=0000615] [SpringApp::ShutDown][9]
    [WatchDog::Uninstall][1] hangDetectorThread=03268700
    [SpringApp::Run] exitCode=0
    txt file icon infolog.txt (22,341 bytes) 2014-09-30 00:36 +




Kloot (developer)

no longer reproduces

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