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0004532Spring engineGeneralpublic2014-09-06 14:43
Assigned Tocleanrock 
Product Version97.0.1+git 
Target Version98.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0004532: 97.0.1-360-ge3d46de cons guarding other constructors that are building things stop out of building range
DescriptionCons guarding other constructors that are building things stop out of building range.
Steps To Reproduce/give 2 corck
Queue up a few buildings all around, and have the other con guard this. The guarding constructor will often stop outside of building range and not assist.
Additional InformationReplay with BA8.00, DSD, 97.0.1-360-ge3d46de engine.
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abma (administrator)

sorry, i don't see why this is a major bug. its VERY annoying, i agree and should be fixed.


jK (developer)

I won't fix it, too complicated to bisect the causing commit


Google_Frog (reporter)

I have a consistent method of reproducing this. I demonstrated it in this replay:
Replay: 20140906_213308_ScorpioBattleground_97.0.1-27-g0447d3e develop
Game: Zero-K v1.2.9.4

A symptom of the problem is that guarding units stop further away from their target than they used to. If they stop further away then they can fail to do guard tasks such as assisting construction and repairing damaged units.

I have bisected the issue to between 97.0.1-24-g93bd67d and 97.0.1-27-g0447d3e because those are the closest two versions that I had already downloaded. I think that these two commits are the culprits:

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