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0004431Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-01-31 18:29
Assigned Togajop 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004431: allow ./spring --game rapid://ba:stable --map somemap
Descriptionto implement, detect tag, resolve ->

parse versions.gz and search the tag:

if found, open/use the <hash>.sdp

-> done!?
Additional Informationneed to store the result of rapid://ba:stable in replay:

has to be a list of rapid-tag -> checksum, can't be a single value

so it uses the same archive when replaying a demo.
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abma (administrator)

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has to work with "internal" dependencies, too (modinfo.lua/mapinfo.lua)

this is needed for missions, else maintaining/keeping them up to date is A LOT of useless work / wastes a lot of bandwith, etcetc.

atm this idea only takes care of singleplayer, for hosting, lobby protocol / script.txt (?) has to be extended by some value(s)


abma (administrator)

implemented a part of it:


abma (administrator)

jk did the next part:



modinfo.lua dependencies left for full rapid support



Can it be tested with http://springrts.com/dl/buildbot/default/develop/98.0.1-398-g80e6cfa/win32/spring_%7bdevelop%7d98.0.1-398-g80e6cfa_minimal-portable.7z ?

Works with Spring.Restart/Reload?

Do maps get downloaded too, when in startscript?
I only see "GetRapidName(modName);" but maybe miss something...not sure if that is within scope of this mantis.

https://github.com/spring/spring/blob/develop/doc/StartScriptFormat.txt -> update :) ?


jK (developer)

| Do maps get downloaded too, when in startscript?
no downloading (neither for games nor maps)



"bandwith" and "full rapid support" made me think of downloading :/
So it is (for now?) 'only' to allow startscripts to do:
gametype=BA_v4.7.sdz ?


abma (administrator)

the downloading part very likely goes into the engine start menu.


gajop (developer)

This works as far as I can see. Anything missing?


abma (administrator)

"modinfo.lua dependencies left for full rapid support" ?!


gajop (developer)

Added: https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/96df8cdca960dee9a25fd3bebdf02a99f19cd5b2

This seems to work for my tests with Scened-BA + Scened-ZK.
- https://github.com/gajop/Scened-BA/blob/master/modinfo.lua
- https://github.com/gajop/Scened-ZK/blob/master/modinfo.lua

Does this make it complete then?


hokomoko (developer)



abma (administrator)

> Does this make it complete then?

yes! this was a long requested feature mostly for missions!

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