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0004412Spring engineAIpublic2014-06-12 02:20
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version97.0.1+git 
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Summary0004412: Request: allow unit to dumbly move to a coordinate without calculating path.
DescriptionIn ZK there's a "unit jink"-ing feature that make unit move left & right (to avoid getting shot) for a suicide unit.

This feature is inefficient, it force Engine to repath for each right/left turn so that unit actually move left & right (not move in straight line). It do this by giving a long distance order.

This feature consume >25% system resource just for 400 of such unit moving.

So, can Spring dev give another callins to moddev to make unit just dumbly move toward a direction?
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IMO moveCtrl-ing the unit is not a good option because moveCtrl-ed unit doesn't interact with the environment. We had impulse weapon, trees, rock, terraform, and water, so if we did moveCtrl then the unit will just move into all of them.
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msafwan (reporter)

I imagine a funny use for this, like making vehicle jump off ramp :P


Kloot (developer)


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