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0004395Spring engineGeneralpublic2014-05-16 18:29
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version96.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004395: LogSections entries must end with a comma or the last entry is not recognized

If the LogSections entry does not end with a comma, then the .find call on line 90 returns string::npos. So, the last entry is not found.
Steps To ReproduceJust try adding "VFS:20" to the LogSections entry in springsettings.cfg with no comma at the end.

This would ordinarily enable the VFS logger at the level of L_DEBUG, but it will not work.

Then, try adding a comma at the end. Magic!
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MajorBoredom (reporter)

Hm, strangely my fix makes the entry appear in the initialization messages but doesn't necessarily cause L_DEBUG level messages to appear. More testing required.


MajorBoredom (reporter)

Ok, I was compiling in release mode instead of debug.

The workaround of placing a comma at the end of the entry works fine.


jK (developer)

There is no workaround to make L_DEBUG appear in release builds.
They aren't compiled at all in release builds and so it is impossible to trigger them in non-debug builds.


MajorBoredom (reporter)

The workaround is for the LogSections entry. If you provide a comma-delimited list of logged sections in springsettings.cfg, the last entry in the list is not parsed unless there is a trailing comma after it.

There's nothing special about the L_DEBUG level itself in this bug -- you could just as easily set the log level for a given section to 40 (L_WARNING) in springsettings.cfg and if there was a trailing comma missing, the entry would be ignored.

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