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0004390Spring engineGeneralpublic2014-05-15 01:48
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Product Version96.0.1+git 
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Summary0004390: /spectator works before game start
DescriptionIt was suppoed not to after https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/25807f7df9ce0c6463759e836b04df192cc2cbe0 (and for a while it didn't) but in both 96.0 and -435 I can resign before the game starts.
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Jools (reporter)

Maybe it's not bad that you can resign then too. What if the game start takes a long time and someone has to leave? It's better that he can resign and that someone can take than that nobody knows there's a player missing when game starts.


silentwings (reporter)

It's not possible to "take him" before the game starts because there are no units.


jK (developer)

can't reproduce


Jools (reporter)

Well who will the starting unit be spawned to? To no-one? I guess it depends on mod. But then the "can't take, no units" also depends on how spawning is handled by mod I assume.


silentwings (reporter)

Attached a replay where I send a resign command (via typing /spectator) before the game starts. The result is that the game then starts (with me as a player), whereas it should not cause the game to start but instead give me a message saying "you cannot resign before the game starts".


Jools (reporter)

Ok, but what if you need to resign at that point and can't wait for the game to start?


Kloot (developer)

Then you tell someone and exit Spring... jesus christ.

Closing this since afaict the report is invalid ("/spectator works before game start" contradicts "the game then starts (with me as a player)") and the /spectator command by itself can NOT cause the game to start.

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