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0004365Spring engineGeneralpublic2019-03-06 22:55
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Product Version96.0.1+git 
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Summary0004365: AddChatAction misses a playerID field
DescriptionI have a gadget in xta that allows people to vote if they want to draw the game. It uses a widget for getting user input (they can start the vote with the "/draw" command), and it gets handled by TextCommand function. That function then calls a gadget function which listens to "/luarules votefordraw", which is activated through "gadgetHandler:AddChatAction" function. The problem is that the gadget has no information about called the vote. I want to be able to not allow spectators to call the vote.

To my knowledge, this is not possible with gadgetHandler:AddChatAction. I would like an additional parameter, e.g. playerID, to make this possible.
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Additional InformationIt needs to be in a gadget because it calls the Spring.GameOver function ultimately.I attack a picture of what the vote window looks like for information.
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Checked infolog.txt for lua Errors
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sprung (reporter)

No change required? The function you pass to AddChatAction as the 2nd argument receives playerID as its own 4th argument.

function handleVoteForDraw(cmd, msg, words, playerID)
   if isSpec(playerID) then return end

gadgetHandler:AddChatAction("votefordraw", handleVoteForDraw, "help string")


Google_Frog (reporter)

It would be nice if gadgets could receive chat actions with a playerID that is not easy to spoof with a widget.


Jools (reporter)

You realise this report is 5 years old? It's for spring 96.0

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