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0004360Spring engineGeneralpublic2015-05-02 04:19
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Summary0004360: better singleplayer experience
Descriptionwhats needed:

- select game (could be preselected in config), this should start a select mission / the real menu

- in this (customizeable) menu missions can be selected, etcetc
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related to 0004329resolvedabma Spring.Restart crashes spring.exe, no new instance is started 
related to 0002249resolvedabma replace rts/Menu/* with lua 
parent of 0002923closedabma ValidAIs.lua so lobbies can only show compatible AIs 




A menu/mission system like described in OP of this mantis already exists in some games.
The problem is that from lobby there is no way to acess these menus:

Bit related:
more lobbies need to read validMaps.lua:


zwzsg (reporter)

Not sure mantis is the right place to discuss ideas, but:

There could be a convention that if a game archive contains a file spmenu.txt, then lobbies should use that file as a startscript when asking to run a single player game.

Or maybe the convention should be that all *.txt in a subfolder /Missions/<gameShortName>/ of the game archive should be considered as valid startscripts to run a single player game, and presented by the lobby in a nice menu.

I suppose it would be even nicer if lobbies overwrote the field GameType before passing the startscript to Spring, to prevent confusion when modders increase their mod version and forget to update their spmenu.txt.



Not strictly singleplayer experience but related.


more general "game-setup"-format:


abma (administrator)

can be done in lua now.

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