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0004258Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-06-22 23:45
Assigned ToKloot 
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Product Version96.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004258: Low "intensity" LaserCannon weapons do not hit targets.
DescriptionLaserCannon weapons with low values for "intensity" don't seem to impact enemies. "Low" here means values like 0.0001.

It doesn't seem to be showing up on the minimap, either, so it seems the projectile is dying immediately.

I confirmed that 'intensity' was at fault by raising it to more normal values for the sniper weapon, and they started working (hitting enemies) once again.

Likely an outcome of:

" - {Laser, Emg}Projectile: disable all collision-testing when ttl <= 0
     these projectile types could exceed their range due to fadeout
     and only removed themselves (deleteMe=true) when intensity or
     length reached 0, so without disabling coldet (checkCol=false)
     range-exploits were possible"

and it isn't a big deal to change S44 to accommodate the change.

Steps To ReproduceUsing any recent release of S44:
/give GBRSniper (or USGISniper/RUSSniper/GERSniper)
(nearby, in LoS)
/give gerhqengineer 1
Sniper fails to kill the engineer, despite the weapon firing.
Additional InformationWe used this low intensity value in order to create an invisible laser projectile.
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Nemo (reporter)

Just wanted to note that S44 was changed to avoid using low intensity weapons, so this will only manifest in releases previous to S44 1.7 (Neptune).


Kloot (developer)

didn't see this at the time, but for future reference: 0.01 is the minimum intensity at which a projectile will remove itself.

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