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0004248Spring engineGeneralpublic2014-01-08 03:12
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version96.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version96.0.1+git 
Summary0004248: Engine wont load some maps
DescriptionWhen ZK game with http://zero-k.info/Maps/DetailName?name=Craterv01 starts, engine is stuck in initialize forever.
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Checked infolog.txt for lua Errors
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abma (administrator)

very likely a duplicate of 0003451


abma (administrator)

hmm, this map loads fine for me...


abma (administrator)

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map "The river Nix 20" was reported as suffering from a similar problem as well: (stuck for ~ 4 minutes in InitializingPathcache)


abma (administrator)

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loading Craterv01 the second time with debug build of current develop spring takes ~ 23 seconds to fully load zk & this map for me, weird.

official x64 96.0 spring takes ~ 8 seconds for me.


Kloot (developer)

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Apart from engine build (debug/release/etc) the time it takes to load a map depends on the mod (number and type of movedefs is crucial) and {map,mod}options used.

ZK in particular has a 'waterlevel' modoption which when enabled forces repathing across the entire map. On more complex maps like RiverNix this can easily take as long as *ALL THE PATH CALCULATIONS PERFORMED DURING LOADING*.

Other than that there is no reason why either of these maps should take more than +/- 10 seconds to get through the "Initializing PathCache" stage with a decent (>= 4) number of threads regardless of mod, and on my system they don't.


Google_Frog (reporter)

The waterlevel modoption is irrelevant because it is never used. I am sure it would have been included in a report.


Rafal99 (reporter)

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In case of "The river Nix 20" map, it took 3+ minutes for almost everyone, so doesn't seem like a certain system is at fault. It took long enough that whole one team was still loading when the game started, as the effect the team immediately lost: (look at "Duration: 3 seconds")

In older Spring versions creating path cache for some big maps also took very long, but it was always moving, never stuck with one task for so long. Having "Initializing PathCache" for 3+ minutes causes people to think the game froze for good.


abma (administrator)

does this happen with BA, too?


Google_Frog (reporter)

Hopefully this thread will give us some information. Does the test procedure look like it will work?


Kloot (developer)

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I consistently measure 96 to be 3x slower (on RiverNix20 with BA) in the path-finalizing stage than 94 on my system. Compared to 91 which didn't have this stage it's obviously even worse, but in absolute terms it never takes more than 10 seconds so if people are really experiencing finalization times expressed in *minutes* they need to check their settings.

The main reason for this difference: 94 used OMP, while 95 and 96 use threadpool.


Kloot (developer)

fun fact: RiverNix spawns nearly 5000 (!!!) collidable tree features via LuaGaia which creates a *massive* backlog of PFS updates, just making these non-blocking completely eliminates the issue


Kloot (developer)

as of 97 loading times will be independent of the amount of terrain manipulation performed by Lua or the number of Spring.Create{Unit,Feature} calls made during initialization

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