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0004164Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-06-21 18:16
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version95.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004164: shield alpha - make badAlpha and goodAlpha as same as we have badColor and goodColor
DescriptionPossible applications:

- increasing transparency of weakening energy shield (common idea)
- decreasing transparency of metal armor interpretated as decreased throughput ability of defence crust

Pro +
- only people who likes circus wants two colors for shield :) other people wants oppacity changing for different levels of shield
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emmanuel (reporter)

there is more to request with shields because often the game design not take in acount than player will build thousant shields at the same location who will make the game totally hided when a single looked nice

translation : seem exist(ed) a (ZK ?) widget avoid the shields overlapsing and merge them in a single big one

what about shields that folow the shape of the models ?


PepeAmpere (reporter)

=> new engine feature (?) or dev stuff (?), still, your suggestion seems much complicated then my simple request :)


emmanuel (reporter)

if ever someone let to learn the shield code maybe it will be quick to make a burst of changes ?
avoiding useless massive GL render is clearly a engine task
(no idea if they made fake shield purely from lua or altered existing shields)
making a model with 3D shield is possible but not semi tranparent and absolutely not gradually


PepeAmpere (reporter)

i dont argue, its maybe really good idea, but here kind of offtopic - i request just change of finished/completed functionality, not create new one - so create new "issue" suggesting it


emmanuel (reporter)

wait : the change color must be keep in evry case


sprung (reporter)

duplicate of 0003763


Kloot (developer)

Fix 216f8bf1b2925d54553db355e2a6ab4018b878ad committed to develop branch: fix 0004164
shield{Good,Bad}Color are RGBA float4's now, repo: spring changeset id: 8428

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