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0003993Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-02-13 20:20
Assigned Toabma 
Product Version94.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003993: Spring compilation : AI > Bad emplacement libAIInterface.so
Description[f=0000000] Error: /home/fabrice/Applications/Jeux/spring_94.1/rts/System/Platform/Linux/SoLib.cpp:18: SoLib::SoLib: /home/fabrice/Applications/Jeux/spring_94.1/AI/Interfaces/C/data/libAIInterface.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[f=0000000] Error: Loading AI Interface library from file "/home/fabrice/Applications/Jeux/spring_94.1/AI/Interfaces/C/data/libAIInterface.so".
[f=0000000] Error: Segmentation fault (SIGSEGV) in spring 94.1 (Headless OMP)
[f=0000000] Error: Stacktrace:
ERROR - [SPADS] Spring crashed (premature end, running time: 19 seconds, interrupted by signal 11)
WARNING - [SPADS] Unable to send game data report (no GDR data available)

After SpringCompilation, seems libAIInterface.so is in the wrong dir or should be duplicated, I don't know.
Until I did a symlink NO BA AI BOT WORKS, except BA Chick AI's (inclued in the MOD ?).

We should :
Symlink libAIInterface.so to link
/home/fabrice/Applications/Jeux/spring_94.1/AI/Interfaces/C/data (symlink of libAIInterface.so is in that dir)

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jK (developer)

note by jk: srcdir != builddir != installdir


abma (administrator)


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