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0003665Spring engineLuapublic2013-08-30 17:45
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version94.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version94.1.1+git 
Summary0003665: AllowStartPosition(x, y, z, playerID) can't tell whether it was player or engine placing the startpos
DescriptionPlease replace "AllowStartPosition(x, y, z, playerID)" with "AllowStartPosition(x, y, z, playerID, fromEngine)", where fromEngine is bool.

Reasons: As far as I can tell, players who didn't place startpoints get startpoints placed automagically by the engine. These are placed (although they don't appear on the map) right at the start of the countdown 3,2,1,etc and can be detected with "gadget:AllowStartPosition(x, y, z, playerID)"

When the engine chooses the startpoint is placed at the top left corner of the startbox, or if no startbox exists just in the center of the map.

However, in general I can't find a way to determine at time of GameState whether a startpoint is one placed by the engine or is one placed by the player using the mouse.

[What I'm doing here is writing a gadget that should detect on GameStart when a player has not placed a startpoint and place on intelligently for them (based on metal map & team startpos]
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related to 0003737resolvedKloot AllowStartPosition returns the wrong height 



silentwings (reporter)

Sorry if I've misunderstood something - but AllowStartPosition doesn't appear in the gadgethandler of basecontent, which I think must be a bug. I think all it needs is

function gadgetHandler:AllowStartPosition(cx, cy, cz, playerID, readyState, x, y, z)
  for _,g in ipairs(self.AllowStartPositionList) do
    if (not g:AllowStartPosition(cx, cy, cz, playerID, readyState, x, y, z )) then
      return false
  return true

somewhere in the middle and


up near the top where the LuaRules callins are listed.


Kloot (developer)

one more reason for automatic callin registration

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