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0003657Spring engineGeneralpublic2013-04-15 18:31
Assigned Toabma 
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Target Version95.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0003657: spring exit after long waittime
Descriptionafter a longer game/battle, the spring-dedicated exit really late - most ppl try to stopvote the server then.

it indeed stops after a while but it takes like 1min or more for as example a bigger speedmetal game...

old spring version was exiting very fast (some seconds max ~5sec)
Steps To Reproduceplay long game with much trouble in it (big unitcount maybe)
look how long it takes until spads says that spring process exit normally
Additional Information94.1 static linux x64
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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related to 0003647resolvedzerver KP/m in endgame stats are sometimes negative 



zerver (reporter)

Possibly the server does not know the game ended and players quit due to 0003647, so exits only after a timeout


Supermuckl (reporter)

[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> [TERA]Host2 is running SPADS v0.11.6a (auto-update: testing), with following components:
[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> - Perl v5.14.2
[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> - Spring v94
[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> - PerlAutoHostInterface v0.8
[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> - SimpleLog v0.4
[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> - PerlLobbyInterface v0.15
[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> - SpadsUpdater v0.6d
[23:12:36] <[TERA]Host2> - SpadsConf v0.11.2


Supermuckl (reporter)

please someone fix that problem
80% of the games are stopped manually cause of this bug
and sometimes if stopped to fast, trueskill gets no new values cause of game ended undecided


silentwings (reporter)

Since it doesn't happen to everyone it looks very hard to work out what the problem is from this info - could you upload an infolog of (1) a game where it happened that was stopped and (2) a game where it happened and exited cleanly after a long wait?


zerver (reporter)

I am 95% sure it is the (already fixed) network issue 0003647


abma (administrator)

seems to work for me:


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