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Summary0003604: units with ground weapons cannot shoot them while in shallow water
Descriptionsee demo, made with ba 7.72, spring 93.2.1-87 on tabula v4 with luarules off. water pool in north east of map.

the corseal is ordered to attack ground well within its range while it is within shallow water. instead it moves to the very edge of the water before firing.

the gimp is able to fire both a TorpedoLauncher and a LaserCannon. when in shallow water it is ordered to attack the water, it fires torpedos even if they have no hope of reaching target because the water is too shallow. when in shallow water and ordered to attack nearby ground it won't fire or move at all.

the pelican at the end works correctly (perhaps because it floats on the water surface?)
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silentwings (reporter)

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Demo is with luaui off as well (it's not caused by the customformations/prevent_range_hax bug, but I noticed it while fixing customformations).


Kloot (developer)

this is a bug / feature in the unit animation scripts BA uses, look at eg. scripts/coramph.bos:AimPrimary:

    if ( get IN_WATER(0) == 1 )
     return (0);

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