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0003515Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-07-04 16:36
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version92.0.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003515: Messages from /team command not expressive
DescriptionThe text messages from the /team command are not very expressive.

I forgot that team IDs is indexed by 0. In a game with 2 players using /team 2 gave me this error message:

Player (0) tried to change team illegally

This seems to mean that I am not allowed to change to the neutral gaia team, which has the ID right after the last normal player ID. But I didn't know that until I asked on the forum. This message should be changed.

Also if I try change to a team ID that doesn't exist it tells my I use the "wrong syntax":

Warning: /Team: wrong syntax (which is '/Team %teamid')
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abma (administrator)

messages should be changed to what?
"should be changed" is imo to unspecific...



trying to change to teamid that does not exist:
"teamid does not exist"

trying to change to gaia:
"gaia team can not be controlled"
or more general:
"this team can not be controlled"


Kloot (developer)

Fix 64bf6d44c02f5a049bc3d00f38102c500b4151a1 committed to develop branch: fix 0003515, repo: spring changeset id: 8461

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