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0000346Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-04-03 03:33
Assigned ToLordMatt 
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Summary0000346: You can hear enemy unit sounds if you are in that area of the map, even if you cannot see the units
DescriptionThings like Radars and Factories that your enemy makes can be heard even if you don't have LOS on them. This has been present since .73b1 (at least that is when I first noticed it).
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P3374H (reporter)

I kinda like this tbh, it lets you waste micro time to gain a bit of intel on your enemies.


LordMatt (reporter)

Would it be correct to say this is now a mod bug, because of new functionality added to spring? If so I will close it.


P3374H (reporter)



LordMatt (reporter)

This is now a mod bug.

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