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0003367Spring engineGeneralpublic2012-12-22 04:54
Assigned Tocleanrock 
Product Version91.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003367: Wait for turn is not always obeyed.
DescriptionSeems that units do not always wait for turns before firing, resulting in both exploitable behavior and bugging looking fire animations.


this works on both attacking ground and attacking targets
Steps To Reproduceload ba, /give cormort, give an attack order, after the shot fires and the barrel is reseting give an attack order in a random direction. The unit will simply fire the shot not obeying the waitforturn call.

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Kloot (developer)

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first place to look instead of thinking "bug": BA's cormort has a turret=true weapon with default firing arc (360 degrees...) because no maxAngleDif is specified


abma (administrator)

@bug fixer:
vulcans & bertha's suffer from this issue, too... so maybe most units / all units are affected in BA.


smoth (reporter)

Not just in ba, it happens in gundam and my test game. I have noticed it for years but assumed it was a script bug of mine. I didn't realize it was an actual issue until I noticed it in my new project. then I tried it in BA.

so I have seen it in 3 different projects, always when there is a slow turning turret.

all of the weapons in question are turret = true.



maybe wepon has high tolerance


smoth (reporter)

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Nope, the Morty doesn't have that..


Kloot (developer)

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QUOTE: "BA's cormort has a turret=true weapon with DEFAULT FIRING ARC (360 DEGREES...)" ...


smoth (reporter)

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I read it, what is the point you are trying to convey? BA didn't use fire arcs like gundam I know this. I am not sure what your point in that quote is. It should be able to turn to fire

However, if it has not finished it's rotation, it should wait for the animation to complete. It is NOT waiting for the turn animation, that is the problem. It is not only the mort any unit with a slow aim animation can trigger this.


Kloot (developer)

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The engine *only* cares about what AimWeapon returns (which is called every 15 frames _always_) and whether the firing angle is within a weapon's constraints.


smoth (reporter)

Aim weapon should not return before the turn is completed. If that isn't the issue, then maybe a new attack order isn't triggering the aim code?


Kloot (developer)

AimWeapon always has to return *before* a turn is completed, otherwise the engine would constantly be blocked by it. The way it works is that scripts usually make AimWeapon spawn a thread to do the turn animation and allow the weapon to fire when that finishes, so bugs like this can easily happen (for turret=true weapons with unlimited arcs) if an animation thread completes just after another one gets queued up by a new AimWeapon call.


smoth (reporter)

tried build: 91.0.1-129-gdbfd725

still possible. is this the incorrect build to test this in?


abma (administrator)

no, 91.0.1-629-g0321ee8 is the current develop build. that are 500 (!!!) more commits/changes. where did you get this build? this was/is the oldest develop available build!

91.0.1-129-gdbfd725 also doesn't contain the commit that fixes the issue...

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