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0003358Spring engineGeneralpublic2012-12-25 23:21
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version91.0 
Target Version92.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0003358: [91.0.1-566] Units with low deceleration recieve bogus move orders after stop order
DescriptionUnits with low deceleration recieve a bogus move order to the point they where at when the stop command was issued, if they move too much while decelerating. Mostly affects ships and tanks.

Units with bogus move command will not follow the bogus command, and they will not follow orders appended to their queue.
Steps To ReproduceBA 7.72, any water map.
/give 10 corpt (scout boat)
give the scouts a move order, then give them a stop order. They will continue to move while deceleration (that is normal) and they will get a bogus move order once they get distant from the position they were at when stop was issued.

Additional InformationThanks!
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cleanrock (reporter)

This is broken in 91.0 (i.e. no new breakage in develop).

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