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0003341Spring engineLuapublic2017-09-24 19:12
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Product Version91.0 
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Summary0003341: Explosion() not called in water
DescriptionThe function gadget:Explosion(weaponDefID, posx, posy, posz, ownerID) call-in is not called when something hits water.
Steps To Reproducemake a a gadget with the following call-in:

function gadget:Explosion(weaponDefID, posx, posy, posz, ownerID)
Spring.Echo("Exlosion called for",weaponDefID)

And shoot something in water.
Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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jK (developer)

you need to register the weapondefs you want to trigger such a callin (performance reasons)
-> Script.SetWatchWeapon


Jools (reporter)

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Maybe I was unclear: according to the wiki, SetWatchWeapon is required only for the ProjectileDestroyed and ProjectileCreated callins. However, I have set all weapons to be watched. The issue is when something hits water. maybe I should have set reproducability to sometimes then.

I attached a gadget that tests the issue easily. Just fire something in water and then on land and you will see the issue. In water I get the ProjectileDestroyed callin, but not the Explosion one.



that gadget works and prints stuff on explosions in water, too.
though when testing it in my mod i had to remove one of my gadgets that too uses gadget:Explosion(), guess it eats the event. (maybe based on return value, didnt test)
if its about xta then maybe fx_watersplash.lua uses the callin too.


Jools (reporter)

Yes, that's exactly the reason. Now how do I close this?

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