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0002739Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-11-05 20:48
Assigned Tohokomoko 
StatusresolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version83.0 
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Summary0002739: air transport problems (load/unload & mind own their own)

Sometimes air transports hover above a unit and are unable to pick it up.
If the unit is moved a small distance, the transport can suddendly pick it up.

Also sometimes air transports will not unload all units.
One way to reproduce that is giving orders with quite small unload circles, though the units should "fit."

Bonus: Sometimes air transports decide to wander around in some random brownian motion style.

To some extend seems to happen in several mods and both and 83.0
Additional Informationtransport_BA7_60_Barren_0.82.7.sdf:
2:00 -> 5 units remain loaded (unloading around commander-> maybe too small unload circle?)

5:30 -> 2 units stay loaded

6:30+ -> transporter loses his mind and wanders around aimless
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Last edited: 2011-11-19 19:31

this transport often fails to unload all units.
it seems to fly past the dropzone before all units are dropped.
As it is a gunship, it should just hover in place and drop all units?
Or return for a second pass over the dropzone.
mod is on rapid: Brickcraft_epenis10_17nov2011.sdz
could not reproduce the pick-up problem in this demo but it does happen.


hokomoko (developer)

probably fixed

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