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0000273Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-11-02 14:23
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000273: crash on Group AI deconstruction
DescriptionWhen clearing a groupAI that can be given orders (such as the Simple Formation or Central Build AIs), Spring crashes. When clearing a groupAI that cannot be given orders (such as the RadarAI or the MetalMaker AI), everything's fine.

To be clear: this concerns commands the user can give to the groupAI, and not about commands the groupAI gives to its units. That is, IAICallback->GiveOrder(unitid,c) isn't the issue, but rather

IGroupAICallback->UpdateIcons() and

As soon as the groupAI passes some possible commands to those functions, Spring will crash upon clearing (deconstructing) the groupAI.
Additional InformationI suspect is an GCC issue only, as the 0.72b1 release doesn't suffer from it.
This bug appears in CentralBuild, Simpleformation, and MexUpgrader AIs.
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tvo (reporter)

I can still confirm this with current SVN (r2531).
It is release critical if we consider releasing mingw build.


tvo (reporter)

traced it down to just after the "delete group;" in CGroupHandler::RemoveGroup (when the crash happens on clicking clear group) or in CGroupHandler::~CGroupHandler (when exiting spring) (ExternalAI/GroupHandler.cpp). Put a log message at end of CGroup::~CGroup (ExternalAI/Group.cpp), and it is executed, put one just after the delete, and it isn't executed.

Also it's interesting to note that only clearing the *last* instance of the GroupAI triggers the crash. (If you make two groups with a GroupAI with commands, and clear one, everything is fine. Clear the second, crash.)


tvo (reporter)

fixed, see r2532

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