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0002644Spring engineGeneralpublic2011-09-25 11:40
Assigned Tohoijui 
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Target VersionFixed in Version83.0 
Summary0002644: (master) console output goes all to stderr
Descriptionimo thats wrong, only everything >=LOG_LEVEL_ERROR should go to stderr, the rest to stdout.

to test:

spring >/dev/null
spring 2>/dev/null

the last one, doesn't output anything...
Additional Informationit would be very helpful if errors go only to stderr:

spring can be run with spring >/dev/null, and if not output occurs, everything is fine...
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hoijui (reporter)

yeah, i know about that, and i agree.
this is basically already implemented (see all the unit-tests, for example).
It does not work in spring/unitsync yet, because they still ultimately use LogOutput.cpp for output, which does not know about log levels.
The reason why LogOutput is still used, is cause it adds current-frame info, and cause no log-file output is implemented with the new system yet.
it is both quite minor stuff to implement (especially the frame info of course).


hoijui (reporter)

implemented in:

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