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0002601Spring engineGeneralpublic2011-08-08 18:14
Assigned Tohoijui 
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Target VersionFixed in Version83.0 
Summary0002601: Enable SIGNAL_NANs in debug compiles, except in rts/lib/lua/
Descriptionadd in cmake something like

if BUILD_TYPE contains (DEBUG)
   set SIGNAL_NANS=true

see minutes:

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hoijui (reporter)

i have this ready to commit, locally, except...
what about the "except in Lua" part?
should the flag not ever be used for sources under rts/lib/lua/? or does it also concern rts/Lua/?


Kloot (developer)

lib/lua/ only


hoijui (reporter)

resolved by:

Maybe the flag has to be removed for the Lua compiled into KAIK and Shard too.

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