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0002501Spring engineGeneralpublic2011-08-13 11:18
Assigned Tohoijui 
Product Version0.82.7+git 
Target Version83.0Fixed in Version83.0 
Summary0002501: Projectiles often not visible
DescriptionAt least lasers and plasma are often not drawn, as in, only about every 2nd shot is visible, and the plasma shots that are visible seem to be visible only after already having traveled a bit away form the unit.
this happens since at least a few weeks already.
Steps To Reproducetested with single threaded DEBUG build of spring running in GDB
BA on Brazilian Battlefield

1. build KBot lab
2. build one of each unit that can shoot
3. make them attack the ground somewhere
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related to 0002234closedjK Weapon-projectiles disappear 



hoijui (reporter)

don't know when it was solved exactly; probably by this:

maybe the related issue is fixed now too:

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