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0002484Spring engineGeneralpublic2011-11-06 18:33
Assigned Toabma 
Product Version0.82.7.1 
Target Version83.0Fixed in Version83.0 
Summary0002484: Dedicated server massive memleak (3g+ in few seconds) - also brings down main spring server
DescriptionIt happens randomly http://planet-wars.eu/ss/SS-20110620023950.png mid game.

I have seen it 4 times already.

In all cases RES ram usage jumped to 3GB and server was brought to standstill.

Demo attached (from client). I can also provide demo from server itself if it helps.

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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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abma (administrator)

Last edited: 2011-06-20 21:56

did the dedicated-server "crash" because oom? if so, when stopped the demo?

or better, at which frame did it start to memleak?


tvo (reporter)

Use ulimit to prevent it from taking down the entire server (I've suggested that some times already...)

ulimit -v N

where N is in KB. Also: man bash


Licho (reporter)

No server didnt crash, it kept running i had to kill -9 it.
Demo i sent is from my pc, it stops when server stopped responding.


abma (administrator)

can you make a ulimit? maybe then it "crashes" when tries to malloc... this maybe helps a bit to find the cause.


Licho (reporter)

How to use ulimit to apply it to spring-dedicated? There is no plimit on ubuntu?
Im afraid about making shell script wrapper for entire spring-dedicated, is that the only way?


abma (administrator)

Last edited: 2011-06-21 20:02

a wrapper would be very simple:

ulimit -v 500000
exec /usr/bin/spring-dedicated $@

just chmod +x this file...

the other solution would to ulimit the parent process, but then the parent process could be killed by oom, too...


Licho (reporter)

Will this redirect standard output correctly?
Will it listen to processor affinity and priority?


abma (administrator)

Last edited: 2011-06-21 20:03

hu? there is no redirection, this script just simple calls ulimit before running spring-dedicated... it should not make a difference for the caller...

i'm only unsure if the path of spring-dedicated is correct and if the memory limit makes sense... 500MB if i did it correctly.


hoijui (reporter)

as i get it, it is considered to be a memleak in springie, not spring dedicated server?


Licho (reporter)

No, this memleak is in spring-dedicated.
It has nothing to do with springie.


abma (administrator)

Last edited: 2011-08-06 04:12


did you add the wrapper-script?

can you provide a smaller demo from the server? can you attach also infolog.txt/logs from the server?


hoijui (reporter)

some say, it is caused by mono.
if it is that, then updating mono or moving the autohosts to the windows VM, where they can be run on proper .Net VM could solve it.

if it is not that, then.. we need a better way to find out what in spring-dedicated it is. or we just trust in it being fixed in master (which probably is not even too unlikely).


Licho (reporter)

Sorry I didnt provide feedback but I dont know how to test this without changing live servers.

How could mono affect dedicated server which is normal native binary process?


abma (administrator)

without any input we can't fix anything, so... imo you've to try out or wait for the next release. is there no development-server for that? if so, springie was also a live-test, so this is no reason to not try it...

it could also help, if you can provide smaller demos + infolog.txt

but it looks like, that the error doesn't happen when replaying a demo-file.


Licho (reporter)

I had development server in the past but it involved me manually copying windows builds of dedicated and due to way spring hashes change with engine version it lead to huge version spam in plasma database.
This + minimal interest in playing there caused me to turn it off.


Licho (reporter)

It appears to be fixed now this can be closed.


abma (administrator)

thanks! (closing as its fixed)

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