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0002353Spring engineGeneralpublic2012-03-07 00:56
Assigned Toabma 
Product Version0.82.7.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002353: missing file in depend section of modinfo gives no error in .sdd but does in .sdz
Descriptionthe depend section of my modinfo.lua looks like this:

depend = {

("blabla" being a file that does not exist anymore)
This works fine when the mod is a .sdd
when the mod is packed as .sdz, spring.exe gives the message:
Content error Couldn't load archive 'blabla' for 'Spring TanksBLABLA'.

Why this is relevant:
The rapid downloader also downloads all files listed in the depend section and I want it to downloads some maps together with the mod.
But the game should work as .sdz too, in case the player did not download the maps for whatever reason.

Imo for maps it would be better to have a section "additional downloads" instead of using the depend section but thats probally a problem with rapid.

So this report is just about .sdd and .sdz behaving not the same.
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duplicate of 0002965resolvedabma spring runs map with missing depends 
related to 0003000resolvedabma unitsync doesn't list missing files as depend 



abma (administrator)

should be fixed...


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