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0002246Spring engineGeneralpublic2017-07-10 08:32
Assigned Toabma 
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Summary0002246: Make newbies life easier (some ideas for first start)

-firsttime user is still confronted with screen "select map/mod dir" and "select unitsync" - owner of netbook didn't know how to handle it.
-singleuser with no map and mod is startup screen - even as there was only one mod it was not default.
-netbook hat resolution of 1024x600 - i had to switch to 800x600 to get it work
-choosing right ai was successfull on third try - aai and others didn't work of cause, only kernelAI works on kernelpanic.
-install spring independant of lobbies to allow multiple spring versions installed

for example:

\program files\spring\
\program files\spring\
\program files\springlobby\
\program files\zerok\
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related to 0002249resolvedabma replace rts/Menu/* with lua 
related to 0002248resolvedabma rename all from "Mod" to "Game" 
related to 0002243closedabma Make custom file suffix for script.txt 
related to 0002157resolvedabma Bug with game restart functionality 
related to 0002113closedabma [Patch] Support for Windows Game Explorer 
related to 0002075resolvedabma Springs detects %PROGRAMFILES%\Spring as read-write, %HOME%\Mygames\Spring as read-only dir in win 
related to 0002252resolvedabma make spring installer customable on the fly 
related to 0003775resolvedabma selected LuaAI does not reset after changing mod (94.1.1-413-g7b0d1a7) 



hoijui (reporter)

i have something in the works for the AI thing, but it is not first priority. maybe after checksums and the git-only-version thing are finished, i'll continue with that.


jK (developer)

| -install spring independant of lobbies to allow multiple spring versions installed

that's not our fault, nor can we do anything against that except blaming lobby devs (they could easily work outside of the spring dir already)


abma (administrator)

Last edited: 2011-01-18 16:15

it's partly our fault, because we distribute spring with lobbies and install lobies into the spring dir...

but i've changed the spring installer, so it can be installed unattended, which allows lobbies to install the engine.


emmanuel (reporter)

making RAi the default AI is the better since its build and expend for basic games contzaining at least 1 factory 1 builder 1 warrior
making single player screen when map/mod are void showing a sentence as "plz download a map/mod at springdiles.com" will be really helpfull and easy improvement
auto switching to windowed mod if screen resolution not compatible will be a easy fix


abma (administrator)

when packed correctly by game devs this is no issue any more: see zk.

spring.exe allows a menu + singleplayer content

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