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0002078Spring engineGeneralpublic2010-10-23 11:43
Assigned Tohoijui 
Product Version0.82.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.82.6 
Summary0002078: NullAI crash
DescriptionLooks like the NuallAI in 82.5 windows installer is broken:

[ 0] ERROR: Skirmish AI NullAI-0.1 not found!
The game will go on without it.
This usually indicates a problem in the used AI Interface library (-),
or the Skirmish AI library is not in the same place as its AIInfo.lua.
[ 60] Skirmish AI "Bot" took over control of team 1

KAIK and the Java NuallAI AI load fine though.

Not terribly important since anyway NullAI is supposed to do nothing, but it looks rather bad when an app spout scary error message on startup.
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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zwzsg (reporter)

Also overheard this in #sy
<DeadnightWarrior> why does NullAI from latest builds crash on Win7 x64?
<DeadnightWarrior> I used the one from 0.81.2 and it worked fine
<DeadnightWarrior> there is a substantial size diference as well, 5KB vs 54KB


hoijui (reporter)

infolog please


abma (administrator)

please retry with current version of spring and attach infolog.txt if crash still occurs.


hoijui (reporter)

magically disappeared (Z told me in chat, when testing the release candidate)

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