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0001903Spring engineGeneralpublic2010-05-18 01:32
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version0.81.2+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version0.81.0.0+git 
Summary0001903: desyncs in AI games
DescriptionSo far, this only happened in AI games, and usually after some time (20min+) of gaming. It happens in nearly all test games/games with AIs.

A vague idea is, that it is Path-Finder state related, as the desync happened in rts/Sim/MoveTypes/GroundMoveType.cpp again.
As Tobi already noted, it is kind of impossible for a desync to happen between GroundMoveType.cpp 237 and 245, though the syncdebug session of Zydox shows it to happen there.
Steps To ReproduceThe usual test setup was:
2 allied human players vs 2 or 3 E323AI 3.19.1 (referenced in master)
BA 7.12, various maps
Additional Informationthis is with branch 0.81-branch-aifixes, but it happens in master too.

http://www.zydox.se/diff.log (diff of trace<X>.log files)

First back-trace (from syncdebug-server.log):

Server: chks: 25604 equal, 29692 not equal
Server: === Backtrace 1 ===
Server: #0 SyncedPrimitive [git{0.81-branch-aifixes}.mingw32.cmake{syncdebug}/rts/System/Sync/SyncedPrimitive.h:103]
Server: #1 SyncedFloat3 [git{0.81-branch-aifixes}.mingw32.cmake{syncdebug}/rts/System/Sync/SyncedFloat3.h:54]
Server: #2 ?? [git{0.81-branch-aifixes}.mingw32.cmake{syncdebug}/rts/Sim/MoveTypes/GroundMoveType.cpp:245]
Server: 0000003 ?? [git{0.81-branch-aifixes}.mingw32.cmake{syncdebug}/rts/Sim/Units/UnitHandler.cpp:281]
Server: 0000004 ?? [git{0.81-branch-aifixes}.mingw32.cmake{syncdebug}/rts/Game/Game.cpp:3504]
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Kloot (developer)

Last edited: 2010-04-29 12:16

If an AI uses the engine pathfinder directly via callbacks, then it isn't sync-safe because the pathfinder system caches estimate paths for a certain period, and those can then influence the future paths of units when they are given move orders. Which AI(s) were you playing against?


hoijui (reporter)

Last edited: 2010-04-29 22:01

E323AI 3.19.1
yeah.. it must be that then.

thanks Kloot!

do you see a workaround?
eg... not creating path cache if the path was requested by an AI, and it is a multi-player game?

i'll check if it uses the engine pather ...


hoijui (reporter)

Last edited: 2010-04-29 22:23

this is being used:
    float GetPathLength(float3 start, float3 end, int pathType)

    int InitPath(float3 start, float3 end, int pathType);
    float3 GetNextWaypoint(int pathId);
    void FreePath(int pathId);


hoijui (reporter)

should be fixed with this commit:

testing would not hurth, of course ;-)


Kloot (developer)

be my guest ;)

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