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0001824Spring engineGeneralpublic2010-02-10 11:53
Assigned Tohoijui 
Product Version0.81.1.3 
Target Version0.81.2Fixed in Version0.81.1+git 
Summary0001824: put SpringDownloader into the installer
Descriptionneed for this arises since TASClient was removed from the installer, which came with SD.
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hoijui (reporter)

discussion going on in this thread:
there is other stuff too though, and lots of spam.

current plan look like this:
* use same download URL as before
* include SD in the installer
* tick SD by default


hoijui (reporter)

done, just have to push


tvo (reporter)

so, this fully finished now?


hoijui (reporter)

done with commits:

tested, seems to work fine

first installer that has it:

* gets installed by default
* is integrated in the installer archive (not downloaded at install-time)
* is in the install sub-menu 'Tools', together with ArchiveMover


tvo (reporter)

ah nice, thanks!

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