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0001805Spring engineGeneralpublic2016-04-18 16:07
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Product Version0.81.1+git 
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Summary0001805: smooth mesh isn't updated when map is terraformed
DescriptionAccording to MadrMan, planes with useSmoothMesh can fly through land when land is terraformed.

[13:02:13] <MadrMan> probable bug found
[13:02:23] <MadrMan> planes fly using the smooth mesh thingy right?
[13:02:33] <[RoX]Tobi> if that is enabled, yes
[13:02:41] <[RoX]Tobi> (it is by default)
[13:02:48] <MadrMan> in CA you can make hills
[13:03:00] <MadrMan> planes fly right trough the hills
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imbaczek (reporter)

yes, that's by design (for now). probably should figure out a good (== fast) way of updating the smooth mesh on heightmap change.

currently you can work around it using lua smooth mesh support. (not documented anywhere except commit messages, as is spring's tradition ;))

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