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0000180Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-11-03 17:07
Assigned Toimbaczek 
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Summary0000180: beamlasers don't follow burstfire tag.
DescriptionJust what the title says: beamlasers (beamlaser=1;) only follow the reloadtime tag, and not the burstfire tag. So bursts of beamlasers are impossible.

Since they don't follow burst firing, they also don't use sprayangle to determine the amount of spray within a burst.

I imagine this is a simple tweak, and it would help modders out - anything we can do to squeeze functionality out of the engine is always useful =)
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Nemo (reporter)

Just a quick add-on: The reason I want to use beamlasers is because they're currently the only weapon that doesn't have massive hit detection issues with very small units. Every other weapon type (default blob, .3do model, non-beam laser) will pass straight through units if they're moving quickly (weapon velocity 900) and attacking small units. Of course it would be amazing if these hit detection issues were addressed, but I'm guessing its easier to just let beamlasers use burst and bursttime tags.


KDR_11k (reporter)

BTW, this was fixed in SVN, you have to set beamburst=1 since normally a beamlaser uses the burst to keep the beam shooting for the beamtime.


imbaczek (reporter)

marking as fixed, then.

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