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0001225Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-02-17 12:24
Assigned ToKloot 
Product Version0.77b5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001225: Weapon range rings height issue
Description1. placement view range ring is wrong for laser weapons on hills
2. range for the defense range widget is wrong for both plasma weapons and laser weapons on hills

The only way to find out the "true" range of a static emplacement on a hill is the range ring you get when attacking.
Additional InformationI suspect that both Defense Range widget and the placement view are using the wrong range primitive, the cylinder instead of the sphere or something like that. I reported the defense range portion of the bug since I believe defense range widget just displays what Spring reports the range as but I could be wrong. I'll link very_bad_soldier to this bug entry so he can take a look at it from his end.
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el_matarife (reporter)

Forgot to update this with very_bad_soldier's explanation of the ranges in his widget being off: http://spring.clan-sy.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?p=322746#p322746

The Spring engine portion of this bug is still unexplained.


imbaczek (reporter)

Last edited: 2009-01-14 23:12

i know there are several range-circle-drawing functions; the correct (as in, precise) one is only called when the unit actually exists (so it can correctly query the unit's weapon.) fixing would require some clever hackery or equally clever refactoring.


Google_Frog (reporter)

This still seems to be an issue.


Kloot (developer)

Fix 2a88f642b9a726590b8f53b5539c296da0695116 committed to develop branch: fix 0001225, repo: spring changeset id: 9517


Kloot (developer)

Fix 36d3fede45ed916fce0fd97374e4ee41116b0677 committed to maintenance branch: fix 0001225

    rts/Rendering/GL/glExtra.h, repo: spring changeset id: 9672

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