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0000108Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-01-14 21:42
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000108: .nopause host option.
DescriptionIt seems to be a new trend catching on that players are pausing the game to ease queue orders and give themselfs more time to spot and stratigize during scouting and hunting runs. .nopause would disable pause for all players in the game for it's duration or until a reverse command is applied, by default it would be off. This would aid in proper game enforcement of high level play while having little negitive effect on your average pub game. Also if the option of .nopause was there then players would have less reason to complain if the host did not disable it and other players paused periodically during the match (for any reason). This feature would best be implimented somewhat quietly so that lame pausing doesn't become so popular that the game is unplayable without .nopause.
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Cyberwal83 (reporter)

An option where everyone has a limited number of times he can pause the game would work too, if you know what I mean :P


NOiZE (reporter)

Better would be if it wasn't possible to give orders while pausing.


Swiftspear (reporter)

I disagree, I can see some mods using that as a feature in the future. Plus you can use pause to make a scout run last effectively 30 times as long as it normally would.


NOiZE (reporter)

That's kinda the point right, that users order things well being paused. So if ppl can't order stuff around then, than it wouldn't be a issue. And we still can pause the game to goto the toilet or something


tvo (reporter)

As far as I can see a .nopause chat command exists currently.

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