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0000105Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-12-11 19:24
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000105: FPS aiming
DescriptionAiming units in FPS mode does not work in the North-to-West arc of fire for mobile or immobile units, on multiple maps. When aiming in the NE arc, unit weapons point directly North. In the arc clockwise from North to West, units aim properly.
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Argh (reporter)

While we're on this topic... could we maybe have a mod-wide variable that could be set that makes it so that weapons do not auto-aim while in FPS mode? One that made player-aimed shots always go right where the crosshair pointed? And more than one control method (as long as I'm asking for a pony, a dancing walrus, etc., I might as well ask for them all at once, right?).

A Freelancer-style of aiming (move the mouse to the point you wish to fire, and the weapons follow the mouse, firing if they are within a mod-wide defined arc of the line defined by the mouse from the POV) would be really, really a big step towards allowing player-controlled combat to be more than a semi-useless novelty- among other things, we could have mods where player-controlled weapons, firing straight, were much more useful than computer-fired weapons, which would always be affected by accuracy tags (that word, "always", is important- if AIs can "hop in" and "hop out" of FPS view, we have a problem, as Krogothe proved not too long ago). With tweaks on shot speed and other factors... we could have really compelling first-person shooter-like games, air/space war games where players could become elite fighter pilots and make a real difference in combat, etc., etc., etc.

Just a thought... the first-person GUI is one of the roughest of the rough edges in Spring, and, while it works... kinda... it isn't a functional tool for better gameplay. Just allowing players to have a distinct *advantage* from sucking up micro-time by piloting their vehicles, by eliminating much of the disadvantages (right now, there is just about zero advantage to FPS view, because of the way that aiming works) might lead to some really radical gameplay areas, with minimal coding suck involved (at least, I would think- the FPS GUI right now *must* be considerably more complicated than a Freelancer-style would be, where weapons don't have to precisely meet angles before they're allowed to fire).


FizWizz (reporter)

well, the bug reported in post #1 has been fixed, if any devs want to re-label this issue as resolved.


Relinquished (reporter)

The bug is back in V0.74 of spring...it's annoying because a lot of FPS mods have been coming out, like mine. They all worked perfectly in version 0.73, but with the newer version the problem is right back in.


tvo (reporter)

and fixed again in SVN

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