How to play..

How to play..

Modular Ordinance Symmetric Automated Intelligence Conflicts

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How to play..

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What is it?
MOSAIC is a game about spy-craft, were you try to oust a enemy spy organization from a city - if you are the good guys.
If you are the bad guys, you want to build a rocket, to do something horrible to some place.
Its played within one city, its fast and deadly.

  • 1. Login to Springlobby
    2. Open the Tools > Download Archives Window
    3. Enter game:mosaic:stable
    4. Wait till it completes the download
    5. Join a existing game or open your own
Initial Game

When you come in game, you have not much.
Just an operative dropping via parachute into the outskirts of the area and some resources.

Money and Material.
The Operative can:
  • EGP - Deploys a parachute
  • Build a flying explosive drone
  • Build a wall
  • Build a safehouse
  • Commit cybercrime to earn additional ressources
  • Install a Check Point
  • Recruit civilians into civilian agents
  • Steal a motorbike to be faster in the city
  • Raid houses and thus reveal safehouses
  • Interrogate strangers

Your first operative gives you a basic income, but it comes and goes, is not reliable.
Alone he stands no chance.
So the first step is to build a safehouse.
A safehouse can:
  • Recruit a asset - a deadly killer, trained to take out almost any opponent.
  • Recruit another operative
  • Recruit a civilian agent a stealth armed militia member
  • Transform the safehouse into a Nimrod Railgun which gives you the ability to launch satellites
  • Transform the safehouse into a Assembly which gives you the ability to produce robotic combat units
  • Transform the safehouse into a Propaganda-server which gives you income
Depending on the side you are on, your safehouse will have additional options:
Protagon (Good guys):
  • Transform the safehouse into a AI-Core. A AI-Core consumes civilians nearby, but allows you to slow down the game for a limited amount of time.
  • Transform the safehouse into a BlackSite. You can produce aerosol drones here that control the citizens.
Antagon: (Bad Guys)
  • Transform the safehouse into a Hivemind. Very similar to the AI-Core.
  • Transform the safehouse into a launcher. In a launcher you can build the launchersteps, necessary to bring about the end of the world.
Some of the game Components and how to use them:
A checkpoint reveals all disguised units passing through, costing you money while active. All revealed spys are permanently revealed aka, can not recloak.
Walls and Checkpoints are a good way to prevent somebody from sneaking into "green" aka safe parts of a city.

In MOSAIC its important who built/recruited who. If a operative captures another spy and interrogates him/her, the spy will give up- who he built and who recruited him. This is shown as the revealed-graph. The right guy questioned, the right house raided, can unravel a whole organization.
The buildings revealed can no longer cloak.

Double Agents:
If you build a safehouse over another safehouse - this creates a double-agent.
Double-Agents are unit who can turn on you, at the original house teams choice.
All Units that Double-Agents build - become Double-Agents.
This is bloody dangerous, so always make sure, houses you build in, are empty.

If the launcher is almost complete, the launch will leak. And the city will boil over. Every launch attracts reprisal, citizens protest, loot, kill one another, the police enters the city with tanks - its mayhem.

House Raids
If a operative fires upon a house, a raid begins. The Raid plays out as a turn-based minigame within the larger game.
Both sides place units, which are revealed at end of turn.

Assets are specialized killers. They can:
  • Build StickyBombs
Little bombs, that take out a car and stick to whatever drove closest when complete
  • Bribe the police
Bribes allow you to control were the police goes when its active..
  • etc

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