Detection of Metal Makers

Detection of Metal Makers

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Detection of Metal Makers

Post by submarine »

Hello together,

within AAI I used to check the "metalMake" parameter of the UnitDefinition. At least with BA 10.24, this is not working anymore as the value is 0. I could not find any other hint whether a unit converts energy to metal. Does somebody know how this is handled?

Currently, metal makers have to be defined manually for AAI in the mod/game configuration file. I would like to get rid of this and detect them automatically from the unit properties.
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Re: Detection of Metal Makers

Post by FLOZi »

It's possible that it is handled entirely through lua so may not be recognizable from unitdef tags, unless perhaps an entry in customParams.
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Re: Detection of Metal Makers

Post by IceXuick »

Afaik metal makers have been automated - they turn on/off through a widget/gadget.
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Re: Detection of Metal Makers

Post by Silentwings »

The gadget can set the unit on/off property (in fact, iirc, that's how this gadget works). An AI can see this.

I guess what may not be made "public info" by the gadget is the ratio/efficiency of the conversion.
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Re: Detection of Metal Makers

Post by Floris »

For BAR I modified the gadget recently to look for customparams
energyconv_capacity + energyconv_efficiency

example armmkr
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