[game] TA Prime v1.0 Public Release - $250 1v1 Tourney Announcement

[game] TA Prime v1.0 Public Release - $250 1v1 Tourney Announcement

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[game] TA Prime v1.0 Public Release - $250 1v1 Tourney Announcement

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'Travel 2000 years to the “past” of Total Annihilation days, and engage on hard-fought battles with forgotten technology and special attacks. TA Prime is a fan-made prequel to the 1999 smash hit RTS, elected by GameSpy as the best Real-Time Strategy Game of all time.'

TA Prime - or TAP, for short - stacks an elaborate RPS (rock-paper-scissors) countering mechanism on top of the physics-based countering system of T.A., where projectiles realistically bounce and miss targets. This heavily favours early and continuous scouting (for appropriate mix-and-match) and micro-management of units for best effectiveness. On top of that, TAP uses a modern upgrade system involving Tech researches, morphs (allowing units to change shape and combat role), global and per-unit upgrades. Direct-fire, aim-able abilities play an important role in the game, with “Fire Rain” and “Neutron Strike” easily countering blobs of bots and vehicles respectively. Many quality-of-life features are included, like instant unit area-loading, “plane freeze” - which allows you to precisely maneuver and group fighters and bombers mid-air - and one-click morph queues, to make sure you don’t over-spend when resources are tight. Ground, Air, Navy, Artillery and Nuclear combat layers - it’s all in there with its own details and complexity for you to master. Learn about the game, how to get and install it, on our website: https://www.fluidplay.co/TAPrime

TAP is already on Rapid, we’ll have a release play party tomorrow (Xmas day, Dec 25th) @ 10AM PST / 3PM BRT, come join us at “TA Prime - Main Server”, which will be pw-unlocked half an hour before that.

Tourney: We’ll hold a 1v1 TAP tourney, with $250 dollars in prizes ($150 for the winner). The tourney is slated for the Second Week of January. More details to be provided soon in our site and here in the SpringRTS forums.

Disclaimer: TA Prime is totally free to play, there are no - and there will never be - in-game purchases or fees to play on our self-funded servers. All rights on the Total Annihilation trademark and art are reserved to Wargaming.net.
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