Unable to sync on BA 10.24 autohosts

Unable to sync on BA 10.24 autohosts

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Unable to sync on BA 10.24 autohosts

Post by MasterBel » 13 Jul 2019, 00:44

raaar wrote: i'm on the ba 10.24 "common server" host, and show up as unsynced despite having the game and being able to play it on single player

i had both the engine and game version
and tried removing the cache and the rapid dirs (which usually fixes these kinds of issues) and it still didn't work
why are the rooms using build 969 anyway?
that one is no longer available
Quoting Fabrice and Bluestone, as it was suggested that one of them would know what to do about this
FabriceFABS wrote:
Silentwings wrote:
Hope this can get sorted out quickly :)
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Re: Unable to sync on BA 10.24 autohosts

Post by Forboding Angel » 13 Jul 2019, 03:05

I told you guys that the server needs to be using rapid. And when whoever runs that server tried using rapid, it magically synced (I can't remember who I was talking to). I'm not sure why this is still an issue.

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"%CD%\springdatadir\engine\**enginefolderhere**\pr-downloader.exe" --filesystem-writepath "%CD%\springdatadir" --download-game ba:stable
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