Update of Spring IRC bridge needed

Update of Spring IRC bridge needed

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Update of Spring IRC bridge needed

Post by bibim »

To whoever is managing the IRC bridge instance running on official Spring server:

The IRC bridge instance currently running on official Spring server is quite broken due to recent lobby protocol evolutions. The IRC bridge code has been updated 2 weeks ago has detailed here:
  • use new lobby compat flags 'l', 't' and 'cl'
  • remove obsolete CPU data from user masks
  • improve channel and battle joining handling
  • add support for CTCP IRC protocol extension (VERSION, DCC CHAT, DCC SEND ...)
  • add full support for NOTICE IRC messages
  • fix /me private messages being sent as normal private messages
  • improve support for TOPIC IRC command
  • ignore duplicate joins for special debug channels and battles
  • leave current battle automatically when joining another battle
  • ignore case when joining a battle using "join &<player>" syntax
Mainly it brings back basic functionalities such as being able to see who is in a channel when joining it, but it also adds full support for CTCP IRC protocol extension, allowing direct client-to-client chat or file transfers.

  • When updating the IRC bridge files, you also need to update its dependencies (especially SpringLobbyInterface).
  • I can perform the IRC bridge maintenance operation on the official server if it helps
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Re: Update of Spring IRC bridge needed

Post by abma »

thanks a lot! i've updated the bridge. we have no "official" atm: all users with "root" access.

backlink to uberserver issue: https://github.com/spring/uberserver/issues/315
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