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Old Changelogs

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This is just a list of all the changelogs I've submitted just in case anyone is interested.


Change log for PA V1.4

Turret lock for Tanks most tanks:
Turret lock is a special script in the unit script which 'locks' the turret facing unit despite the way the unit is facing until the unit is out of combat. What this means is tanks will kiting enemies better and will look cooler. Every T1 tank and most T2 tanks have this feature.

All lasers have been changed from Beam Lasers to Laser Cannons. This may be changed again to better effects in the future. The reason behind this change is that the flash on and off lasers simply look stupid.

All missiles have a new custom trail effect.

SAM and Packo have been redone, models and role. They are now Anti gunship AA and have undergone some cost changes as well as DPS and HP changes.

Fighter special damages have been fixed, they now deal more damage vs gunships as well as some nice new missile trails.

Flame effects have been redone as has the way flame weapons work. Fire now burns through units but does less DPS overall. This means against groups of tightly bunched enemies it is devastating but against spread out enemies it is less effective. Fire can also lead targets properly. You must have LUPs enabled to see the flame effect.

Lightning effects have been redone. No DPS or balance changes yet.

Razorbacks weapons have been changed, it now sports heavy machine-guns and a lightning turret, it sports similar DPS but are much cooler.

Say goodbye to some units, we are saying goodbye to Mine Layers. Mine Layers have always been a rarely used unit and don't really have a good role or good balance.

Say hello to some new units

With the disappearance of Mine Layer Vechs Mine Bomber Planes are being introduced. The Gnat and the Whasp. Mine Bomber Planes are a fast and effective means to drop mines in any given area, mines no longer cloak but have significantly more HP and float on water. These units are best for slowing down armies, if they want to get through them fast they can run through them and take damage or give you time by killing them. Buildable at T1 Airplants.

Archdemon Eperimental Flame Kbot
The Archdemon is a T3 anti spam mech, good for dealing with those annoying build ups of small units. Give it a try.

Arm Bandit
The Arm Bandit is a new medium infantry much like the Core Outlaw, Bandits are tough, medium speed kbots that can counter units like stumpies well.. I will be releasing a game guide sometime in the future.

Core Fred
Core has been lacking a fast reclaiming/assisting unit for T2 vechs for too long so here it is, the Fred is the vehicle counterpart to the Fark. Enjoy.

Arm Shimmer
The Shimmer is a T1 Cloak kbot, it has relatively low DPS and range and a decent decloak radius. They are NOT stealthy so watch out for radar.

Platform Tanks:

Core Zaratan
The Core Zaratan is a new addition to Core, it can load up to 3 heavy units, like Goliaths and Sumos and the units can fire from atop the platforms they are loaded onto. The Zaratan can also load the Arm Tortoise while it has units loaded on it. Buildable by any T2 Con

Arm Tortoise :
A much smaller version of the platform tank, the Tortoise can load up to 2 light units, like Mavricks, Thuds or Janus. The units can fire from atop this unit and it can be loaded onto the Core Zaratan where units loaded on the Tortoise can fire.

The energy conversion has been increased to 1:100. With the increase efficiency of energy producing structures especially compared with the amount of metal you get from T1 mexes this makes ecoing that little bit less viable. I maintain that for the moment the mechanic will remain in the game or in large games stalemates can occur.

Moho Mex buildtime and energy cost have been increased to make them harder to rush in a tech.


Change log for Progressive Annihilation V1.35

New bridging energy producing building Fission Reactors.

Energy producing structures cost:
------------------------------------Metal Cost----Energy Cost---Energy Produced

Arm Wind-----------------------40---------------150-------------Determined by map
Arm Solar-----------------------150 -------------0----------------25
Arm Advanced Solar----------375 -------------2000------------80
Arm Fission--------------------1100-------------5000-----------300 NEW
Arm Fusion---------------------4500------------15000----------1350
Arm Advanced Fusion--------12000-----------35000----------4000

Core Wind----------------------40---------------150-------------Determined by map
Core Solar----------------------150 -------------0----------------25
Core Advanced Solar---------375 -------------2000------------80
Core Fission--------------------1100------------5000-----------300 NEW
Core Fusion--------------------4500------------15000----------1350
Core Advanced Fusion-------12000-----------35000----------4000

Pitbull and Viper, fixed.
Two seconds after after being built they would close and reopen. In close calls this could matter significantly so it has been fixed.

A.K and Pewee
Have had significant metal cost increases, some energy cost reduction but have also revived an appropriate health increase. This is to prevent them being too spam able late game and make them a more tactical unit rather then a spam unit.

Thud and Hammer.
Are now light artillery Kbots, lower HP, lower DPS but more range and a little bit of AOE. This is to make T1 more interesting, the roll thuds play in combat was almost interchangeable with Rockos and Storms.

Core Outlaw
New Core Medium Infantry Kbot.

Arm Warrior
Has been rebalanced a bit so it is more adorable as well as being a little less powerful.

Arm Whirligig
New unit suicide EMP drone build-able at the Arm T1 Airplant

Core Blastwing
Has been rebalanced a bit from the first release.

Arm Flea
Has been heavily modified, they are no longer scouts but T1 EMP Kbots, More HP, less speed, bigger.

T1 Vech Arty is a little better, a little more range and little more DPS.

Arm Janus
Script updated and Impulse reduced, it is still effective but it should not longer decimate storms by knocking them into each other and effectively dealing ridiculous amounts of damage.

Merls and Diplomats
Have been modified, they are no longer less efficient equivalents of morty's. They are now long range bombardment vehicles and function much like the NOTA versions of the unit. I made this change because Merls and Diplomats were simply useless compared to dominatorÔÇÖs and they tried to fulfil the same role so they were redundant units.

Stumpy's and Raiders
Have been given a VERY light machine-gun, this was requested so it's been inclueded. I'm not overly sure about it so it may be reverted should it be disliked. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Various effects have been added like missile trails.

There are also various small roundings of costs and minor balance changes which haven't been listed because they aren't very significant and are just polishing touches.


I am unhappy about having to make this release so soon but it must be done. There won't be another release so soon again.

There were some problems with some widgets which needed to be fixed.

Core Blastwing
Has been balanced better.

Core Jar
Does slightly more damage.


This is only a small update to fix some issues with buildpower and the issue of the Pathing fix being missing from Version 1.2.

Some notes about the Current Build

T1 mex extraction rate is 1.5 times of BA

Energy producing structures cost:
-----------------------Metal Cost----Energy Cost---Energy Produced
Arm Wind--------------40------------150-----------Determined by map
Arm Solar--------------150 ----------0-------------25
Arm Advanced Solar----375 ----------2000----------80
Arm Fusion------------2500----------12000---------650
Arm Advanced Fusion--8000----------26000---------2400

Core Wind-------------40-----------150------------Determined by map
Core Solar-------------150 ---------0--------------25
Core Advanced Solar---375 ---------2000-----------80
Core Fusion------------2500--------12000----------650
Core Advanced Fusion--8000--------26000----------2400

Geos are the same price.

Repairing units cost energy. (As much as it costs to build them)

---PA V1.2 Changelog---

A lot of prices have been rounded up or down from numbers like 877 to 850 or balanced to a small degree like making storms and rockos cost similar as opposed to storms costing less and having more HP. I really can't be bothered writing it all up and I haven't done them all yet but in the meantime most of T1 units are done.

Pathing revolutionized
All ground units have had turn place removed, this means that units will turn without slowing down first and will maintain most of their velocity. This will result in much faster turning times bringing about more capability for micro and turn game play into more then just who has more units but who uses their units more skillfully.

Raiders and Stumpy's have had their turret turn rate increase to compliment their new manoeuvrability, this a big buff but only if you micro them.

Mex extraction rate has been reduced to 1.5 times from 2 times more then BA.

Some minor bugs have been fixed that aren't really worth writing up.

Rapiers have MUCH better targeting, they should hit almost all the time now making them a far more effective unit.

Commanders Metal income has been increase from 1.5 to 3.

Core Blastwings
A new unit! They are flying Bomb Drones give them a try from the Core T1 Airplant.

For a more in-depth insight on the unit look here:
250 M--------300 HP-------------800 Damage 400 vs Coms
1000 E-------2000 Buildtime------Small AOE

They generally will not do cost when damaging units but can deal point damage like destorying a HLT or a Guardian. Sneaking them into the back of an enemies base and destroying chainable Eco or the hasty defence of an ally as they can be built fast if you have excess metal but no way to help an ally In trouble pop up an Airplant and dump your metal into Blastwings. They should bring some interesting new tactics to the game as well.

Updated models and firing animations for...

Zeus (model + animation)
Maverick (model)
Pewee (model + animation)
Shellshocker (model + animation)
Samson (animation)
Flashtank (model + animation)
Stumpy (animation)
Defender (animation)
Rocko (animation)
Jethro (animation)
Bulldog (model)
Luger (animation)

Wolverine (animation)
Slasher (animation)
Storm (animation)
Thud (animation)
Raider (animation)
Pulveriser (animation)
Crasher (animation)
Pillager (animation)
Rapier (animation)

More updates on the way too.

More Balance changes, pending on suggests and criticism.

More Units.

More effects.

------------------------------------------------------------------OLD CHANGES------------------------------------------------------------------

Pa V1.1
Major Change
It now costs energy to repair units, it costs the same amount of energy that it does to build it but no metal. Repairing is just as effective but if you want to repair HLTs all day with your commanders you will have to invest in some extra energy production.

Major Economy Change

Metal Cost Energy Cost Energy Produced
Arm Solar 150 0 25
Arm Advanced Solar 375 2000 80
Arm Fusion 2500 12000 650
Arm Advanced Fusion 8000 26000 2400

Core Solar 150 0 25
Core Advanced Solar 375 2000 80
Core Fusion 2500 12000 650
Core Advanced Fusion 8000 26000 2400

This is designed to make the progression of E production go smoother.

All Geos reverted to original prices. This wasn't received well so it was reverted.

New Com Models for both sides, The BA models are scripted quite badly, the new ones look much better.

Arm Maverick
DPS reduced from 296 to 220, range reduced a little and Auto heal reduced a lot.
Hp reduced to 1600

Arm Warrior
The warrior has been modified to take on the roll of a close combat Kbot, it's also bigger. I'm not releasing a change log for them as a lot was modified, go in game and try them out.

Core Leveler
Has had its size increased by x1.5 This is an effort to make the level look more fearsome and nerf it slightly. As it's bigger it's now easier to hit and you can have less of them in one line this will make them slightly less effective in mass numbers.

Added unit The Jar to Core. This unit is a counterpart to the Arm Warrior but don't get mistaken, they are are different units with varying roles and varying strengths and weakness go ahead and give it a try.

Arm Hammer
Messed up opening animation fixed along with some fire point bugs.

Core Krow
Hp Reduction to 14000

Bulldog metal cost increased to 1100 metal to scale better with its changes. Along with a slight speed decrease

------------------------------------------------------------------OLD CHANGES------------------------------------------------------------------

Progressive Annihilation Version 1.0
This is a modified version of the 7.42 version of BA I made it because BA has devolved into unprogressive shit that refuses to change, adapt or listen to reason. The focus of this mod is more fast paced interesting warfare. Specifically I want to:

Bridge the gap between T1 and T2, at the moment the gap is too big and usually has a long boring transition period where no one makes units. I'd like for games to run smoother without such lulls in combat.
Fix or remove unused units by giving them more defined roles, units like the Maverick and the Fido that are nearly NEVER used because they are inefficient, have no role and are totally gimped.
Talk to players about what they'd like to see in the mod, bigger explosions, more super weapons, more speciality units or anything you can come up. This mod will be progressive, open the change and ultimately be a better mod then BA is. This is my first version and I imagine there'll be a lot of things people don't like about it and I encourage you to tell me about it in a constructive way. I also realise there are 1v1ers, 2v2ers and all the way up to 16v16ers who play and AT THE MOMENT I am focusing on the majority which is larger scale team games.

Normal Mex extraction rate is doubled. I hope this achieves faster paced early game combat as well as a smaller gap between teched players and non teched players so that non teched players who say hold more mexs then someone who has teched on 3 mexes will have a similar chance of winning because their metal income won't be completely outdone by Mohos. Mohos still have the same extraction rate, which equates to two times the rate of regular mexs.
On maps where mexs gave 2 metal mexs will now give 4
On maps where Mohos gave 8 metal they will still give 8 making them a smaller leap in economy.

Moho mines have received a cost reduction of about 150 metal
They have also had their energy consumption reduced to 0, I find that the energy they suck manages to only slow down the production of T2 units by forcing you to build more energy producing structures.
Arm Mohos are now 450 metal has less HP (2500) but is stealthy and can cloak for 50 Energy, is not built cloaked. This isn't too good imo as it's pretty obvious where metal spots are and thus mexs.
Core Mohos are 450 metal has more HP (4000) and they also have access to the moho exploiter
Core Moho Exploiter
Metal cost reduced from 2248 to 2000
They have also had their HP increase from 2000 to 3500

I know this changed is wanted by many and also disproved of by many but I'm hoping to implement units with a similar role to what slashers and samsons had in BA which was killing LLTs from a safe range and long range harassment.

Arm Samson/Core Slasher
Only target air.
Speed increased so they can keep up with armies better.

The reasoning behind these cost increases and decreases is to make ecoing less viable, with the cost increase to fusions it is simply less efficient to tech and therefore provide the opportunity to players who arenÔÇÖt spending all their eco on more eco to kill people who do nothing but eco and pork easier.
The reasoning behind the energy cost decrease is so when you DO have the metal or need to eco you can do so without as much costly preparation of energy producing structures and build power you can get your eco done quickly and get right back into annihilating your enemies.

Arm Fusion Reactor
Increased metal cost from 4004 by 2000 to 6004
Reduced energy cost from 19846 by 5000 to 14846,
Build time reduced from 70014 by 18000 to 52014

Core Fusion Reactor
Increased metal cost from 4203 by 2000 to 6203
Reduced energy cost from 25292 by 8000 to 17292
Build time reduced from 75424 by 15000 to 50424

Arm/Core Underwater Fusion
Increased metal cost by 2000
Reduced energy cost by 8000
Build time reduced by 20000

Arm Cloakable Fusion
Increased metal cost by 2100
Reduced energy cost by 6000
Build time reduced by 20000

Arm Advanced Fusion
Reduced energy cost from 64115, by 30000 to 34115 to scale with Cores AdvFusion
Increased metal cost from 9.1k by 7k to 16.1k
Build time reduced from 157529 by 30000 To 127529 to make games go at a faster pace and spend less time ecoing.

Core Advanced Fusion
Reduced energy cost from 44730 by 10000 to 34730,
Increased metal cost from 9.1k by 7k to 16.1k
Build time reduced from 158390 by 30000 to 128390

I may remove Advanced fusions if they don't like the way they work in the mod but for the moment I'm happy with them in it.

Arm/Core Moho Geothermal Powerplant
Increased Metal cost by 1000 to scale with the increase cost of Eco structures

Arm Prude
Increased Metal cost by 700

Core Behemoth
Increased metal cost by 500

Arm/Core Advance Solars
Advanced solars don't play an efficient role in most games and end up as noob traps and wastes of energy, fuck that. Advanced solars are taking on the role as an effective intermediate energy source between solars and fusions.
Core Advanced Solar
Metal cost is now 400, Energy cost is now 2000 and the energy produced is now 100
Arm Advance Solar
Metal cost is now 400, Energy cost is now 2000 and the energy produced is now 100

I want T2 to be available earlier and T2 units to reach the field from minimal eco so instead of massive T1 battles and then massive T2 battles we have more varied mixes of the two.

Arm Advanced Kbot Lab
Metal cost reduced by 700
Energy cost Reduced by 3000

Core Advanced Kbot Lab
Metal cost reduced by 700 as above
Energy cost Reduced by 3000 as above

Arm Advanced Vehicle Plant
Metal cost reduced by 598 as above
Energy cost reduced by 3000 as above

Core Advanced Vehicle Plant
Metal cost reduced by 647 as above
Energy cost reduced by 3000 as above

Aircraft is now Tech level 1.5, this simply means they can no longer be built by commanders and must be built by cons, like hovercraft plants. This change has been made to prevent some air starting tactics, it's still possible to go air quite early this just gives the other team a chance to get AA or otherwise be prepared boring tactics like early Com drops. This is open to change if the change is not revived well .

Arm Aircraft Plant
Metal increased by 150
Energy Cost increased by 2000
Build time increased by 2000

Core Aircraft Plant
Metal increased by 170
Energy Cost increased by 2000
Build time increased by 2000

Core/Arm T1 Arty tweaked to fire on a lower angle, this makes them more effective at hitting moving targets.

Arm Bulldog
Metal Cost increase from 844 by 106 to 950
Hp increased from 4200 by 1800 to 6000
Damage per shot has been increased from 240 by 80 to 320
Aoe has been increased from 140 by 30 to 170
Increase shot Velocity from 300 by 100 to 400
Reload time changed to 1.6

These changes were made to make the bulldog a cross between the Reaper and Goliath as the bulldog was a bit shit before.

Arm\Core Commander
Can no longer build Aircraft Plant
Coms energy generation increase from 25 by 25 to 50 This is to complement the increase extraction rate of T1 mexes for the early game.

Arm Fark
Metal cost reduced by 40 due to it costing about as much as Freaker but having almost no build options and having only 120 worker time compared to the Freakers 150.

Arm Fatoboy
Metal cost reduced by 400
Hp reduced by 2000
Aeo reduced by 40
Damage per shot reduced by from 800 by 200 to 600
I'm changing this due to fatboys being very tough, very hard to kill with T1 and easy to get from both T2 Vech and Kbot factory. This change may be reverted if it Is not received well.

Arm Fido
Fidos are taking on a new role as a Tech 2 Skirmisher equivalent to the morty but not simply a copy of the unit as opposed to the 1.5 over priced piece of shit that they've been for years.
Energy cost is now 3450
Metal cost changed to 460
No longer On/Off able. They will always use their Gauss Cannon.
Hp changed to 1350,
Max velocity is now 1.9
Reload time is 3
Damage per shot is 255
Range is now 700
Line of sight is now 580
Fidos are NOT morty's but they will fulfil a similar role for Arm, they are slightly more costly, faster, tougher and do more damage per shot but they have a lower rate of fire and less range.

Core Morty
Energy cost increase from 2065 by 1000 to 3065
This isn't a too significant as morty's had the LOWEST metal to energy ratio in the game.
Speed reduced, velocity is now 1.4
Morty's now have 130 accuracy, all this means is that morty's occasionally miss a target, they are still quite accurate.

Arm Hammer
Metal cost reduced by 5
Energy cost reduced by 250
Due to having less Hp then Thuds and having a time wasting opening animation

Core Rapier
Have had their weapons adjusted, they should more accurate now. This is not fixed to the extent I would like and I will be working on it more.

Arm Maverick
As this unit is almost never used at present and when it is it is a complete waste of metal I am going to change its role on the battlefield and change the ridiculous prices it possessed .
Metal cost reduced by from 655 by 155 to 500
Energy cost reduced from 12.18k by 6.5k to 5.68k
Built time reduced from 18k by 8k to 10k
Increased Hp from 1120 by 880 to 2000
Now Steathly (This means Radar doesn't detect them)

What's that, the Orcon went on holiday? Well he's back. The Orcon is the Arms answer to the Krogoth.

Arm Pit Bull
Damage per shot increased from 675 by 325 to 1000
Reload time increase from 1.625 to 2.408 The reason for this change is to make the pitbull anti heavy units but be swarmed more easily by light units, it retains the same DPS.

Core Viper
Damage Damage per shot increased from 825 by 400 to 1225
Reload time increase from 2 by 0.95 to 2.95
Once again it retains the same DPS

I'm hoping this change to pit bulls and vipers will help encourage the use of T2 and T1 units late game. As the effectiveness of the Viper and Pitbull is severely diminished when fighting cheap low HP units like A.Ks where they overkill for hundreds of damage per shot wasting valuable DPS that would otherwise be put to good use on heavy T2 units.

Arm Consul
I'd like to remove the Fatboy from their build list but I thought I'd put it here first because I know that many players like having them there. I'd propose the modified Maverick to take their place but I haven't changed anything yet, please tell me what you think.

Core Can
Hp reduced from 4350 by 550 to 3800
The reasoning behind this is that cans are too cost effective in most situations, this change is not absolute and I'd like to hear other peoples opinions on it.

Core Doomsday Machine
Metal cost increased from 2478 by 700 to 3178
Doomsdays are just too cheap for their HP and the DPS they put out. Even compared to the Annihilator they were incredibly cheap.

Core Goliath
HP reduced from 8200 by 700 to 7500
Sometime a while ago Golis received a large HP increase with no adjustment to their cost an no reason reasoning behind it, it is of my opinion that they have too much HP for cost which is why I lowered it.

Arm Stiletto
I've seen these abused on many occasions and they are very effective and very hard to kill so I have weakened their bombs and reduced their speed a bit.
Aeo reduced from 240 by 40 to 200 Per Bomb
EMP damage per bomb reduced from 4000 by 2000 to 2000
Paralyse time reduced from 15 by 5 to 10
Range reduced from 1280 by 280 to 1000
Max velocity has been reduced from 12 by 1 to 11.

Core Karganeth
Removed, All terrain and extra AA.
NO LONGER ALL TERRAIN, They don't look all terrain. Being all terrain is just an addition that makes them ridiculous and OP. Karganeths never needed to have more AA on their backs and received not additional cost when it was introduced so now it is being removed in the same way.
I'm intending to give Kargs a different role in the game as their role before consisted of build in factory and issue a move order at the enemies base so at present they have a received a nerf from the overpowering advantages they had.

Arm Mercury
Metal 1572 changed to 1400
Energy 32802 changed to 20000
Core Screamers
Metal 1762 changed to 1400
Energy 40362 changed to 20000
Damage per shot decrease from 1750 by 250 to 1500
Reload time lower from 18.75 by 11.75 to 6
This is just a test, I'd like to have some variation between the two, different damage in regards to reload time but for the moment I'd like to test this and see how they go.

Core Shiva
Shiva's cannon velocity increased from 310 by 390 to 700
This change is intended to combat scout spam against Shivas this tactic ends up with the Shivas missing the scout on their first shots allowing the scout to reach the Shiva(s) which then all fire upon the scout damaging all the friendly Shivas around them. After some testing of the change seem to be effective, Shivas can easily hit incoming scouts and continue merrily on their way without accidentally killing each other.

Core Banisher
Energy cost reduced from 20k by 3k to 17k
This was a very high ratio which is why it was reduced a bit.

Core Tremor
Hp increase by from 2045 by 1000 to 3045
In retrospect how this unit can take damage and defend itself if units get up to it to is very situational this will only marginally increase the Tremors survivability from things like Burtha shots.
Reduced energy cost from 45k by 20k to 25k
This was just too damn high.
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