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Total-Annihilation-esque RTS game with four original factions.

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Re: Metal Factions

Post by raaar »

new version(s) out!

You can download it here or here.

Also available through the "metalfactions:stable" rapid tag, and by joining the nebula game rooms on the official server.

SPHERE is attempting a drop on the AVEN base while a magnetar distracts its defenses...

2022/09/03 ------------------ NOTES v1.91 ----------------------

- prevent dash when jumping
- removed debug log when air transports were built

2022/09/03 ------------------ NOTES v1.90 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- added "Dash" ability for all mobile units : 30-60% movement speed boost for 4s, 1min reload
(% bonus is higher for slower units)

- changed air transportability classes from light/heavy to light/medium/heavy, with mass thresholds changed from 1200/3000 to 600/1350/3000
- added cheap light air transport for all factions

- AVEN "Weaver" and "Swatter" get range increased from 700 to 740 and adjusted cost

- SPHERE "Comet" had dmg/s increased by 30% and cost increased by 15%

--- AI

- fixed error that sometimes happened when setting AI beacons
- AI will no longer try to move to engage mines
- AI uses the new "dash" ability
- "Brutal" mode AI sticks to the first strategy stage for 200s instead of 90s to gather a bigger army before teching

--- Sound/visual effects

- added unique images to differentiate between various "cannon" projectile types
- modified sounds for heavy cannons
- improved magnetar aura effect to show particles being pulled in

--- UI

- added specific icon for air transports
- air transports have their idle state set to "fly" by default
- slightly increased width of auxiliary lines for ranges,etc. and mouse selection box
- improved health/reload/status bar visuals

2022/08/18 ------------------ NOTES v1.89 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- slightly improved wind generator models and reduced collision size for non-sphere wind generators
- fixed metal, wind and tidal generators sometimes spinning when they should be offline
- metal extractors no longer self-destruct immediately
- fixed an issue where basic metal extractors would no longer produce metal if partially reclaimed then rebuilt
- reduced cost solar, wind and tidal generators by about 10%
- increased hp for non-sphere metal extractors by about 20% and adjusted cost
- reduced cost L2 fusion reactors by about 4%
- reduced cost of L2 metal extractors by about 10%, with exploiter cost going up relative to advanced extractors
- reduced energy and metal storage building capacity from 15000E/4000M to 10000E/2500M
- increased HP of storage buildings from 1000-1500 to 1500-2000
(after adjusting costs they're about 10-20% cheaper than before)

- commander HP upgrade module changed from +16% to 17%
- commander damage upgrade module changed from +20% to +22%
- commander regen upgrade module changed from +11+2% HP/s to 8+3% HP/s

- fixing the secondary wreckage spawning condition for a lot of units
- only mines, grenado, exploder and commanders can now self-destruct themselves

- slightly increased dmg/s of light raiders and in some cases increased acceleration and reduced HP
- slightly increased dmg/s of light laser towers
- slightly increased dmg/s of light infantry robots in general

- fixed AVEN construction tower turret turning significantly slower than the others

- GEAR "Bandit" has slightly higher dmg/s
- GEAR mines had footprint reduced from 2x2 to 1x1

- CLAW "Hornet" lasers drain 15E/s and the unit cost is reduced by about 4%
- increased CLAW "Hazard" rocket turn rate to avoid overshooting

- SPHERE "Cluster" modules with laser had damage type changed from L to M
- SPHERE "Atom" is about 4% cheaper
- SPHERE construction sphere got HP reduced to 2/3 but is 50% faster and drains about half as much energy to move
(the 3d model was updated as well)

--- AI

- more likely to reposition commander and other mobile builders to find a suitable spot to build stuff instead of getting stuck on patrol
- avoid building the construction tower underwater if using a land-based strategy
- modified strategies to build more factories, builders and build construction towers in pairs on later stages
- more likely to mobilize the army to engage when its core base is under attack
- miscellaneous tuning of AI strategies, build placement and other decision making improvements
- reduced "Brutal" mode's "cheat" income growth from +1m/+10m per min to +0.6m/+6e

--- UI / Visual

- added effects when units and features are built or being reclaimed

- improved how AVEN "Zeta" form commander's run animation scales with speed modifiers

- improved a performance issue related to aircraft thruster effects
(most significant when the game is sped-up, like on replays, catching up after disconnect, etc.)

- modified how minimap/zoom-out icons are scaled with unit cost and size
- added distinctive icon for COMSAT stations

- temporarily removed clicking sound associated to area-metal-extractor commands
(it's hearable by spectators and made watching AI fights annoying)

- GEAR "Canister" is now labeled "Incendiary Mortar Robot"
- GEAR "Big Bob" changed icon type to "Multipurpose"

- bottom-left info panel shows full information when checking build or morph orders

- updated code to allow support for positional key codes in the future (by Badosu)

- removed minimap resize/move/maximize buttons, improved auto-scaling and slightly increased its size
(the maximize button could trap the user on maximized minimap view with no easy way to revert)

- added "window resize monitor" widget which triggers UI reload when players toggle between fullscreen or resize the game window
(this fixes some UI elements that weren't properly resizing/positioning themselves in those situations)

- settings widget
. enables vsync if it's disabled
. no longer tries to disable grass or enable ground decals
. disables softparticles if using BAR105 engine
. set font-related settings

2022/07/01 ------------------ NOTES v1.88 ----------------------

- added #GAME SANDBOX command to disable victory conditions

- fixed an issue where AI would sometimes not rebuild L1 mobile builders out of L2 factories

2022/06/21 ------------------ NOTES v1.87 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- CLAW "Roller" shoots a 15% faster rocket with significantly faster fire rate and +25% dmg/s but also costs 19% more

- increased CLAW "Assassin" commander's railgun damage per shot and reload time by about 4% (quick fix to show the reload bar)

- fixed lua errors when units got hit underwater by environmental hazards

- shrink targetting volume for submerged units to avoid distracting surface weaponry

- reduced height of collision volume for metal extractors

- increased CLAW "Totem" HP from 4000 to 5000

- nukes and some big explosions that can happen underwater no longer deal reduced damage to submerged units

- SPHERE "Charger" damage/s shifted from the rapid fire blaster to the cannon and cost was slightly increased

--- UI

- fixed tooltip displaying GEAR llt text when trying to build AVEN llt
- CLAW totems no longer show up in the idle builders list
- message box scroll bar allows click-drag

--- AI

- fixed lua error for classic mode AI when it tries to figure out which hydrobot to build, in some situations

2022/05/28 ------------------ NOTES v1.86 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- fully submerged units take only 25% as much AOE damage from projectiles exploding on the surface

--- UI

- added widget that skips starting setup and position selection delay when viewing replays

- fixed widget that sets factories to "hold position" not affecting the GEAR Hydrobot factory

- added scroll-bar to chat/message box

- show wind and tidal strength information next to the energy bar
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Re: Metal Factions

Post by raaar »

new version(s) out!

You can download it here or here.

Also available through the "metalfactions:stable" rapid tag, and by joining the nebula game rooms on the official server.

Power grid online.

2022/11/19 ------------------ NOTES v1.96 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- Building a L2 metal extractor triggers an automatic reclaim of nearby allied L1 metal extractors, if any
(for easier management and to avoid efficiency issues with the power grid)

--- UI

- Info panel when power nodes are selected also shows extra metal income and energy use associated with extractors within the grid

--- AI

- Fixed issues that lead to AVEN and CLAW skirmisher strategies not building mobile radars

--- Performance

- Modified explosion shock wave animations to improve performance and appearance in most situations
- Enforce Lua garbage collection settings and force it to run more often to avoid crashing with "out-of-memory" errors
- Miscellaneous performance optimizations, namely when MFAI is used

2022/11/08 ------------------ NOTES v1.95 ----------------------

--- Balance / Mechanics

- Reverted the unintended metal extractor cost reduction of the previous version

- AVEN Turbulence lasers deal more dmg per shot and cost energy to fire
(for consistency with other M lasers)

2022/11/07 ------------------ NOTES v1.94 ----------------------

--- New units

- added AVEN "Tribune" : L2 Heavy Skirmisher Tank
- added AVEN "Ambassador" : L2 Mobile Fortress

- added SPHERE "Reaver" : L2 Fast Skirmisher Vehicle
- added SPHERE "Monolith" : L2 Amphibious Very Heavy Assault Vehicle

- added CLAW "Chisel" : L1 Fire Support Vehicle

- added "Power Node" units for each faction, available from level 1 and can be used to set up a power grid which boosts metal extractor output

--- Balance / Mechanics

- SPHERE Emerald and Ruby sphere towers have slightly less range and HP and can morph into Ruby/Obsidian

- GEAR "Might" deals about 66% more damage with the secondary lasers and cost slightly increased

- increased AVEN Bio Dome starting energy production from +15/s to +20/s
- increased energy drain of L1 metal extractors from -3 to -10 E/s
- power nodes have 500 connection radius and link energy production and storage and metal extractors
- grid strength is equal to energy production + storage/100
- the metal extraction bonus can go up to +100% and depends on grid strength and how many extractors are linked
- energy usage is scaled as well
(roughly a 500 strength grid increases a basic extractor's output by 50% )

(generally: building new extractors > adding extractors to grid > adding energy generation/storage to grid)

--- UI

- dash effects will no longer play on static units that were selected together with mobile ones when dash was activated
- build separation is automatically set to slightly lower than node connection radius when building power nodes, then reverted
- when building or selecting a power node, an overlay is shown with the relevant grid areas
- added game speed indicator (visible when != 1 or below user setting)
- upgrade centers and scout pads are automatically set to high priority when built

--- AI

- will try to use power nodes
- stop making non-geothermal L1 energy buildings past 1000 E/s income

2022/09/08 ------------------ NOTES v1.93 ----------------------

- fixed an issue with triggering the disable animation for buildings that are disabled due to low energy
- changed the disable energy threshold for level 1 metal extractors from 1300 to 50 energy

2022/09/06 ------------------ NOTES v1.92 ----------------------

- fixed an issue which prevented AVEN "Valiant", GEAR "Strainer" and CLAW "Phalanx" ships from reaching full speed
- prevent activating the dash ability when units are still under construction
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Re: Metal Factions

Post by raaar »

new version(s) out!

You can download it here or here.

Also available through the "metalfactions:stable" rapid tag, and by joining the nebula game rooms on the official server.

Battle along the highway...

VERSION 1.97-2.03

- Engine
. Updated the SpringRTS engine compatibility recommendation from "105.0" to "105.1.1-1422-g3a36584 BAR105"

- New units
. "Skein" : L2 Drone Controller Hovercraft
. "Snapper" : L2 Assault/Raider Hydrobot

- Balance/Mechanics
. Comsat stations got the reload time reduced from 180 to 30s, but stockpile scans every 180s, max 3 charges
. Increased GEAR "Exploder"'s cloak cost and decloak radius significantly
. Slight cost reduction for units with very short range weapons (< 350) by 1-10%
. Slight cost reduction for units with the jump ability

- UI
. Added "GFX Settings : Low/Medium/High" widgets that change graphics presets
(defaults to high)
. MENU button now opens up a panel which includes buttons to change between Low/Med/High graphics presets
. When spectating games, clicking on the "observe player" buttons on the player list toggles between viewing that player's LOS limits and global view
. Spectators can now change between player/team LOS view and global view by selecting and de-selecting units from various teams
. Miscellaneous improvements to various sounds, explosions and other animations

Check details on
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Re: Metal Factions

Post by raaar »

new version(s) out!

You can download it here or here.

Also available through the "metalfactions:stable" rapid tag, and by joining the nebula game rooms on the official server.


VERSION 2.4-2.10

- Engine

. Updated the SpringRTS/Recoil engine compatibility recommendation to "105.1.1-1544-g058c8ea BAR105"

- Balance/Mechanics

. Morph status and upgrades also increase commander respawn costs by up to 100%
. Rebalanced commanders to benefit ones that are relatively show and/or have short range weapons

. Moved +2 M/s and +20 E/s income from commanders to the baseline income (+10M/s +100E/s)
. Increased altitude scaling of production on wind generators from +20% to +40% and override low values for some maps
. Increased GEAR and CLAW solar collector energy generation from +20 to +24, reduced GEAR's HP and adjusted costs

. Reduced explosion impulse for weapons with L damage type
. Cost reduction of up to about 10% for small ground units with low HP and short range weapons, especially if they're relatively slow
(emphasis on making t1 infantry bots cheaper, and they also get increased aim rates)
. Reduced cost of large walls from 560m to 450m
. Reworked AVEN "Rover" and CLAW "Wolverine"
. Modified behavior of CLAW miniguns, autocannons and energy bolts to use a different engine weapon type
. AVEN "Ambassador" rockets follow the rectangular trajectory they were supposed to have instead of the triangular trajectory with tracking

- UI

. Modified loading screens
. Various improvements to 3d models, textures, projectile models, trails and some explosions
. Hide healthbars when UI is hidden (F5 key)
. Default keybindings now use "Q" for power nodes, and "X,C,V" for new "energy","defense" and "factory" keywords
(mf_keys.txt files on LuaUI/Configs needs to be manually replaced to get the new defaults)
. Using a hotkey to build a unit or structure cycles the build categories to the corresponding category
. Menu allows setting the "display-unit-as-icon" distance threshold modifier

Check details on
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Re: Metal Factions

Post by raaar »

new version(s) out!

You can download it here or here.

Also available through the "metalfactions:stable" rapid tag, and by joining the nebula game rooms on the official server.


VERSION 2.11-2.15

- New units

. CLAW "Fury" : L2 Heavy Gunship
. Covert Ops Centers for AVEN, GEAR and CLAW (give radar invisibility to allied cloaked units when active)

- Balance/Mechanics

. Reduced cost of large walls and gates by about 30%
. Being underwater or moving across very steep slopes has a bigger dampening effect on fast ground units
. Units that effectively shoot down long range rockets get more reliable targetting behavior and get an "MD Watch" state
. when "MD Watch" mode is enabled (default), they'll ignore other targets while enemy rockets are incoming and within about 3000 range
. Miscellaneous adjustments to a few other units

- UI / Visual / Sounds

. Modified various widgets to avoid crashing on AMD GPU
. Miscellaneous improvements to 3d models and textures for some units (mostly AVEN and CLAW)
. Miscellaneous improvements to sound and visual effects
. Fixed issues with building orientation/spacing not updating and conflict between build category cycling and active build order

Check details on
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