Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

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Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

Post by abma »

I'm proud to announce the release of spring 106.0. Its for me the most difficult release, as we had different opinions in which direction the development should go.
The plan failed and development basically stopped.

To hopefully bring back some development and activity i released the "develop" branch as it is and was was initially planned.

106.0 brings the often requested OpenGL 4 support and runs using the "Core Profile": so this should allow better performance on newer hardware. Sadly this breaks most lua opengl code and requires a lot of work for game developers to rewrite it.

As announced, no 32 Bit binaries are released any more, as we had several bug reports of crashes which where caused by hitting the 4GB memory limit. Most users already use 64 bit as Springlobby migrated already most users to 64 bit. Also the windows installer was removed because spring mostly is installed by lobby clients.

The (incomplete) changelog is very large, as 104.0 was released more then 4 years ago.

If you find a bug, please report it to our bugtracker.

You can download it as usual from our Download page.

Thank you and Happy Coding! :-)

Thanks A LOT to rtri which made this possible!
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Re: Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

Post by Ares »

very cool, thanks engine devs
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Re: Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

Post by Beherith »

Thank you for releasing and maintaining the repo! And good luck to all with the gl4 transition, its not easy, but the perf gains for most things is immense and make it worth doing!
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Re: Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

Post by jamerlan »

Respect to all engine/game/infrastructure etc devs! And to all of the players too! :-)
I am happy to see the progress/news
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Re: Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

Post by raaar »

Nice work, thanks!

some MF players are still incompatible with it for now but I'll check it eventually.
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Re: Spring 106.0 released - OpenGL 4!

Post by PepeAmpere »

Sounds great.
I look forward when I try it first time.
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