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BA installer, talkin' options

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Re: BA installer, talkin' options

Post by tzaeru »

I can't connect to via Chobby. Changed to that address in the developer settings, but it just stays in "Connecting"-status.

I guess there's some extra steps in enabling Uberserver support?

Figured that out - LuaMenu/configs/liblobby_configuration.lua and set protocol to 'spring' instead of 'zks'. Cool!

So I can connect to Uberserver and see games and all that. Spectators seem to be shown as players - all games have 1 player since the autohosts are in as spectators. I tried to start a game, but it didn't proceed which I guess is simply due to engine mismatch!

Looks promising.
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Re: BA installer, talkin' options

Post by tzaeru »

So here's a small list of things we'd still lack for a Chobby integration, just as a reminder for myself and everyone else who might be interested:

* In multiplayer menu, "Host game" doesn't seem to work.
* Can't seem to be able to change start pos type in singleplayer and by default it's free selection from whole map.
* Need to make some sort of a wrapper that updates Chobby & engine.
* Chobby menu integration for BA is required.
* End condition integration required too, I suppose? Game doesn't seem to end on complosion.
* Need BA-specific graphics & audio & etc.
* Could add more menu items while in battleroom for various things such as locking servers etc etc. Easy peacy!
* BA needs to be updated to a newer engine version since Chobby doesn't support 103.0.
* Is somekind of a BA backend needed to inform which engine and BA version should be used? Or does Rapid give us both the stable mod + the engine the stable mod is using?
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Re: BA installer, talkin' options

Post by gajop »

To alleviate some difficulties with non-ZK Chobby installations for now, I've created a more detailed guide: ... tomization . Please try following it and report issues if you can't start Chobby. Other Chobby related issues should be reported . Please report all issues in detail, and outline which ones you think are necessary for your game to be using Chobby so I can optimize my workflow when I get back to working with Chobby.
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