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Re: Lock this sub forum

Post by PicassoCT »

If you aunt and your uncle invested in your game, and you phail, you loose it all, the trust of your family, your loveoflive project, your opensource comunity, finally even your nerves. Poor ARGH! ;.)
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Re: Lock this sub forum

Post by smoth »

I can't speak to his experience but in mine, I felt like I whored myself. that may have just been the way that company was but I didn't like it.
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Re: Lock this sub forum

Post by scifi »

well we all talked about making commercial titles with spring before.

I mean there is no problem commercializing the content of the mods, there is a problem if you take the engine and make it look like your commercializing the engine.

Maybe his approach was a bad one i dunno, he certainly had the skill set to make a good game though.

I kinda felt there was this lack of connection or sense, i mean no testing sections or games, then this rush to commercialize it. Maybe it was to soon, who knows.

I just feel bad, that the first commercial game using the spring engine had to end like this.
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