8 man 1v1 BA tourney

8 man 1v1 BA tourney

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8 man 1v1 BA tourney

Post by flop »

Mod: BA 6.21 (ladder if u want, idk)

Round 1 Maps:
Altaire Crossing
Adamantine Mountain
Cooper Hill

Round 2 Maps:
Red Comet
Green Comet
Comet Catcher Redux

Finals Maps:
random first, loser of previous game picks next map

Rounds are 2 out of 3.

Round 1-------------------Round 2-------------------Finals

[7uP]flopflop 2-1
---------------------------[7uP]flopflop 2-1
------------------------------------------------------[7uP]flopflop 2-1
PROt_Stazzley 2-1
[WarC]Sleksa 2-0
---------------------------[WarC]Sleksa 2-0
[7uP]underjeep 2-1
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Re: 8 man 1v1 BA tourney

Post by Neddie »

You won one!
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