Dev Meeting Minutes (13-12-2010)

Dev Meeting Minutes (13-12-2010)

Minutes of the meetings between Spring developers are archived here.
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Dev Meeting Minutes (13-12-2010)

Post by hoijui »

Date: 13-12-2010
Present: hoijui, abma, zerver, jK, Kloot, Tobi

  • Welcome
  • Release plan
  • revert separate main thread?
  • merge lua split?
  • Cheescan's widget
  • Duplicate Code Finder

Release plan
<hoijui> Kloot, you are done with what you wanted in?
<Kloot> yes
<hoijui> ok
<hoijui> Tobi, do you know.. the rapid archive koshi uploaded, woudl it have to be extracted to the same dir as unitsync.dll?
<hoijui> rapid.exe has to be there, i read in some threads, but as there are different rapid.exe around...
[21:49:26] * zerver Slaps [RoX]Tobi around with a large PeeWee!
<zerver> is 0.83 planned to be released soon?
<hoijui> no
<hoijui> 0.82.7 will be released soon
<hoijui> yeah... is kind of quiet here.. LD
<zerver> laziest meeting ever
<hoijui> mm
<Tobi> sorry was afk till 1 min ago
<hoijui> i was amazed that nearly everyone was here on time..
<hoijui> hey :-)
<Tobi> rapid looks in some predefined paths now on windows
<hoijui> ahh ok :-)
<hoijui> so .. should i install it to a subfolder?
<hoijui> under Spring
<Tobi> %ProgramFiles%/Spring, %ProgramFiles%/Games/Spring, CWD, and dir where rapid.exe itself lives
<hoijui> mmm ok
<Tobi> so installing to a subfolder makes the last option useless
<hoijui> yeah..
<hoijui> guess better next to springexe
<hoijui> though its kind of ugly to have an other 20 files right there just for rapid
<Tobi> although I suppose it could be modified so it looks in parent folders too
<hoijui> hmm
<hoijui> yeah... not perfect either, but i would preffer that
<Tobi> ok
<hoijui> i mean.. in theory not perfect.. in practise.. quite good :D
<zerver> better than some other alternatives, such as looking in registry
<hoijui> so... i will do that integration.. have started it already. and .. we should try to organize some test games with current release branch HEAD
<hoijui> :D yeah!
<Tobi> I can change rapid if you want, though koshi would need to rebuild the exe
<hoijui> ok.. yes please
<Tobi> k
<hoijui> i will ask him to do that
<hoijui> see him often enough

main points:
  • Tobi will add support for rapid to look for unitsync in the parent dir (done!)
  • hoijui will ask koshi to create an windows archive of that version and pack it
  • rapid will be installed into a sub-folder under the spring install dir by the spring installer. (installer download will be ~6.5MB larger)

revert separate main thread?
<hoijui> i still get endless error loops and hangs on every second crash
<zerver> ok, so crash is the way to reproduce the problem?
<hoijui> yeah
<zerver> i wasnt able to do it yet
<hoijui> k... well... it sucks, cause i dont get usable stack traces on these crashes
<hoijui> so.. lets at least set a limit
<hoijui> like. two wes or soemthing
<hoijui> weeks
<zerver> y
<hoijui> ok, postphoned until.. in two weeks then
<hoijui> if you try to reproduce one day, and can not, tell me, and ill try to reproduce also
<zerver> sure
<jK> just add a throw std::exception(); somewhere in CGame
<zerver> im probably having too few crashes, MT is too stable :P
<hoijui> :D :D

main points:
  • agreed on a two weeks limit for zerver to fix separate main thread mechanics

merge lua split?
<jK> was discussed last week
<hoijui> zerver, you started a new branch?
<hoijui> ok..
<zerver> nothing to add, but i will try to test it in 82.7
<hoijui> nothign ready yet?
<zerver> i need to run builbot
<hoijui> ?
<zerver> do i need password to build from branch?
<hoijui> yes
<Tobi> oh lol I think now rapid.exe actually looks in a directory rapid.exe/ for unitsync
<hoijui> i can do it this time for you.. luasplit2 ?
<hoijui> :D
<zerver> not now plz, what i meant is i will try to merge it into 82.7 to test the split
<hoijui> ahaa.. aehh...
<hoijui> why?
<hoijui> i mean.. we sure do not want it in that release
<zerver> just for me to test
<hoijui> ok
<zerver> so password would be good to have
<zerver> possibly it is too much work to merge into 82.7, since that is old stuff now
<hoijui> mmm
<zerver> anyway it is running very well
<hoijui> ok :-)
<zerver> huge improvement compared to .82
<hoijui> nice :-)

main points:
  • zervers new approach of a lua state split is going good (branch: luasplit2)

Duplicate Code Finder
<hoijui> well no next really, but i wanted to say, that i am now using CPD
<hoijui> to find duplicate code parts
<hoijui> look for:
<hoijui> you can run CPD by clicking here
<hoijui> quite simple, but the only usable thing i foudn so far
<hoijui> can also be used through command line of course
<hoijui> this is just for a short test
<zerver> this is a pure text-based duplicate checking?
<zerver> no actual code parsing?
<zerver> i mean, if i have 2 functions that are identical, but local variable names are different...
<hoijui> there is a checkbox for that
<hoijui> it also ignores qhitespace
<zerver> oh
<hoijui> q*
<hoijui> w*
<hoijui> and.. i dont know hte algorithms
<hoijui> but if you try on spring source, you will see that it does not find too little ;-)
<hoijui> you could still lower the limit of 75 chars
<hoijui> a lot of duplication is in rts/Lua/
<hoijui> who is gonna do minutes?
<hoijui> shoudl be little this time, if you take out the limit bw part :D
<zerver> we can discuss lua split to fill out more :P
<hoijui> :D
<hoijui> yeah, please jk!
<jK> btw don't try to reduce code duplication in Sim/Weapons/* for now
<jK> I am already working on that
<zerver> I spoke earlier about CGuiHandler::changedGroups
<zerver> Could someone check that, because it looks like something is broken
<zerver> there is no code that adds anything to CGuiHandler::changedGroups, so i dont understand how eventHandler.GroupChanged could ever be called
<Kloot> beause it also is called from CGroup
<Kloot> but guihandler::changedgroups is dead code now
<hoijui> jk, ok, feel free to revert what i did
<hoijui> there
<hoijui> i dont care.. thanks for info
<hoijui> should i revert the change in rts/Sim/Projectiles/WeaponProjectiles/WeaponProjectile.cpp?
<abma> an question about an old bug: can i remove saving of the window-state SW_SHOWMINIMIZED?
<abma> (win32 only)
<abma> it is reported a few times as an bug
<abma> see
<abma> it seems to be useless, as it seems to break things
<jK> rts/Sim/Projectiles/* don't matter
<jK> just rts/Sim/Weapons/* ^-^
<jK> abma, feel free to comment out that line
<abma> ok :)
<hoijui> k :-)

main points:
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