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Post by TurBoss »


Following the discord rush, we now have thanks to Glenda the plan9 pet, some channels bridged to aka Riot
plan9bunnywhite_small.jpg (9.67 KiB) Viewed 2185 times
logo1.png (2.19 KiB) Viewed 2185 times
#sy <->
#moddev <->
#s44 <->
#jauriarts <->

There are some clients to join : ... ml#clients

Thanks to Code_Man for the idea

If you would like some other channels to be bridged please tell me


Edit: for the code
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Re: aka riot bridging

Post by code_man »

Oh wow iv been useful for a change.
I really love this, nice work.
This should help fight off the discord/slack demons.
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Re: aka riot bridging

Post by abma »

cool. next step is to "migrate" the uberserver to synapse? :wink:

when looking at the server code:

written in python using twisted :-)
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Re: aka riot bridging

Post by ThinkSome »

While I'm not particularly impressed by their choice of using Python, Matrix would still present a step forward in reliability, scalability and security. And there are (alpha) server implementations in Rust, which, while still nowhere near Ada, can still be designated as acceptable.
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