Wiki section indenting

Wiki section indenting

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Wiki section indenting

Post by Forboding Angel »

Could we get some sectioning and indenting in our wiki?

At the moment, I find browsing subsections very difficult.

If we could do a 2 space indent for heading 2 and a 4 space indent for heading 3 and above that would pretty much sate my desire.

Flozi told me that he likes it the way it is now, but I'm thinking that with just 2 and 4 space indents on subsections, we could get the easy readability that I'm looking for and at the same time not impinge upon what flozi and others like about the current layout.

This page is a good example:

It is gorgeous, however, in heading 2 sections ( >> ) to heading 3 sections ( >>> ) the lack of intention makes browsing them more difficult. The overall effect is like looking at a semi-unorganized wall of text, when in reality, it is extremely organized, but the lack of intention harms the readability.

I can haz consensus one way or the other?
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Re: Wiki section indenting

Post by AF »

Indenting isn't an effective solution for this, it's a patch/kludge to cover up a deeper problem.

Namely that the typography on this site has no scale, and headings aren't spaced correctly ( they're hardly spaced at all ).

For example, if we give things more space so that the eye can pick out shapes and patterns as guides, things would work a lot better.

For example, here's my recommendation for h2 styling:
  • Move from 16px to 20/22px font size
  • Increase bottom margin on all headings from 0.5ex to at least 1ex
  • Increase top margin on all headings from 1ex to at least 3ex
My tests with the inspector show this makes for a significant improvement in readbility & heirarchy.

There's considerable room for improvement to improve readability, for example p tags use a margin-top of 1ex, instead, a margin-bottom of 1em would be a big improvement.
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